Luxury Raymond Weil Watches for Sale in South Africa

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil

Based on the vision of founder, Rayond Weil, the brand thrived by offering exceptional value.

From the moment Raymond Weil watches hit the market, they were an instant hit and soon the brand had become a must have for both amateurs and seasoned watch enthusiasts. Today the brand is popular all over the world and the company has an extensive global distribution and aftercare network. 

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Raymond Weil

Luxury Raymond Weil Watches for Sale in South Africa

It goes without saying that many of the best watches in the world are Swiss in origin, and the Raymond Weil selection is certainly no different. The now famous brand was launched in 1976, in the midst of a watch industry crisis, and has grown in popularity over the years.

Adorning the wrists of musical legends such as AC/DC, Bob Marley and even The Beatles, Raymond Weil timepieces are exquisitely made. The brand is based on the vision of the founder, who wanted to recreate the industry in his own vision. From the moment Raymond Weil watches hit the market, they became an instant hit and soon the brand had become a must have for both amateurs and seasoned watch enthusiasts. Today the brand is popular all over the world and the company has an extensive global network.

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By the 1980s, the company was growing rapidly and needed to expand in order to survive. This immense task was left to the son-in-law of Raymond Weil, Oliver Bernheim, who joined the company in 1982 and modernised both the structure and the organisation. He developed a number of markets and also overhauled the communications and marketing departments within the company. Bernheim helped to transform the company into a family organisation and in 1996 he became the CEO and company President.

Throughout the company’s history, music has been its primary influence. While other watchmakers took their inspiration from aviation, military and sport, Raymond Weil was unique in that music has played the greatest role. Some of the brands most sought after collections have been named after music, with the Amadeus collection being named after Mozart. This collection was launched at the same time as the wildly acclaimed film of the same name. The naming of brands after famous musicians and famous music became the defining characteristic of Raymond Weil Watches, and soon the collections Toccata and Fidelio followed.

Raymond Weil Watches are able to stand out from all others for a number of reasons. For one thing, the watch designs are quite unlike those of other watch brands, they are far sleeker and more defined. The 1990s and 2000s saw a revolution within the company with cutting edge innovation and new technology being used to push the company into a new era.


The Raymond Weil Collections

Split into watches for men and watches for women, the collections offer something for everyone and watch enthusiasts can easily find the one that is perfectly suitable for their tastes. The most popular collections include the Freelancer, Parsifal, Shine, Tango, Toccata, and Noemia, for women, while the men can choose watches from the Maestro, Parsifal, Toccata, Tango and Freelancer collections.

These luxury Swiss watches are available in different colours, with yellow gold, rose gold, mother of pearl, diamonds, and steel all being used in the production of the various watches. There is a watch to suit all occasions, and those who want their own Raymond Weil watch will find that there is one for every budget as well.

If you would like to sell your Raymond Weil watch, we would love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the cheapest Raymond Weil?

The cheapest Raymond Weil watch starts at around R 6 000. If you want a really cheap watch, you can always have a look at the second hand variety.


How much is a genuine Raymond Weil watch? 

A genuine Raymond Weil watch can start at around R 6 000. Genuine watches can also come as second hand timepieces, which will also drastically lower the price.


Are Raymond Weil worth the money?

Yes, a Raymond Weil watch is absolutely worth every cent that you spend. These watches are known for being a luxury buy and they are most certainly able to keep their value over quite an extended period of time, making them a keepsake heirloom.


What is the hardest Raymond Weil to get?

The most difficult Raymond Weil watch that you can buy is any of the watches that are considered vintage or at least a part of the vintage collection. The limited editions are also hard to get your hands on.


Which Raymond Weil should I buy?

The Raymond Weil watch that you opt for should ideally be the watch that you really wish to own. The one you choose should suit your style and your budget.


How long will a Raymond Weil last?

A Raymond Weil watch can last a lifetime, if it is kept in a good condition and given a regular service. Because these are high-end luxury watches and because they are made from the best possible materials, these watches are known to last.


How do I tell if my Raymond Weil is real?

There are various ways that you can tell if your Raymond Weil watch is an authentic piece.

·        Check the serial number. It should be engraved and not stamped on.

·        The only stones you should see on the watch should be diamonds.

·        Have a look at the watch movement, it should be a quartz.

·        The watch should be quite heavy.

·        The watch strap should be a genuine leather strap and it should have a stamp on the buckle.


Should I buy a new or used Raymond Weil?

The choice will be entirely up to you. Both new and used Raymond Weil watches have their advantages and their disadvantages, although the choice that you make is ultimately going to be decided by the price of the timepiece and whether you actually want a new watch or a used one.


What is the most wanted Raymond Weil?

The most wanted Raymond Weil watch is just about any of the watches in the vintage collection which are considered rare.


How much is Raymond Weil service cost?

To service your Raymond Weil watch, there are a number of factors that are ultimately going to have an effective on the cost. The type of watch needing a service as well as the amount of work that will need to be done, along with who will be doing the service, will all determine the price you pay.


How can I tell the year of my Raymond Weil?

Ideally, you can tell the year of your Raymond Weil watches by buying your watch from an authorised dealer who can provide you with a guarantee card. You can also have a look at the watches serial number.


Do Raymond Weil watches need maintenance?

Yes, at least once a year or once every two years, your Raymond Weil watch is going to need to be maintained. Maintenance can include a polish, fixing any scratches, and even something as simple as a battery change.


Do Raymond Weil watches hold their value?

Yes, a Raymond Weil watch can quite easily hold its value but it is important to make sure that the watch is stored away properly and given its regular maintenance.


Do Raymond Weil watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, your Raymond Weil watch should come with a certificate of authenticity, even if you are buying your watch from a second hand watch seller.