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SA's #1 Luxury Watch Destination.

If it's luxury watches you're looking for, it's luxury watches we've got! And there's no better place to discover them. We're proud to present South Africa's best pre-owned luxury watch platform!

For over a decade now, Topwatch has been at the forefront of providing our valued clientele the best curated selection of timepieces available from around the globe. As your trusted watch partner, we pride ourselves on offering our clients top class service with expert advice and guidance on investing in the luxurious side of style - the watch. And we are well-known from offering the best investment grade timepieces.


With one of the biggest followings in the business, when it comes to buying and selling luxury timepieces, we’re known for our great selling prices and pay the highest prices when purchasing pieces. We always strive to put our clients first, whether buying, selling or trading watches.

This means that as the prospecting buyer, seller or trader, you can be assured of a few things:


Our watches are selectively and securely purchased from legitimate sources.


Authenticity is verified through our expert watchmakers.


Our watches are all tested, regulated and pressure sealed to ensure our 12-Month Warranty provides you with additional peace of mind.


Avoid scamming pop-up companies trying to talk you of out your valuable timepiece. Invest in your time wisely by talking to us at Topwatch - we are trusted worldwide!


Topwatch provides you, our valued client the opportunity to engage in the extremely luxurious side of style - the watch.
Not only is the watch a timeless piece, but a lifetime investment and at Topwatch, you can purchase this luxury item even at a fraction of the original price.


With thousands of happy and satisfied customers all around the world, we assure you that each watch has been carefully inspected and the history of its origin reviewed and confirmed for your peace of mind. At Topwatch, when you buy one of our exclusive and certified pre-owned watches, it is as safe as buying a brand new one.


Topwatch now boasts more than 30 000 listed clients, 40 000 monthly webpage visitors, 65 000 Facebook followers and nearly 40 000 marketing views a month.
It is from this watch lover-pool of buyers and sellers that we receive most of our newly listed watches.
And, it’s thanks to building good relationships with all our clients that we are able to continuously grow our following and further entrench our reputation in the industry.


Topwatch is synonymous with exclusive timepieces at investment pricing. We have the best watch experts in the business and we make it our business to source and offer the finest timepieces available in the world, and we'll even deliver direct to your door.