Luxury Franck Muller Watches for Sale in South Africa

Franck Muller

Franck Muller

Franck Muller watches are one of the finest and most complicated of the world. The manufacture was founded in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes with the aim of creating exclusive timepieces characterised by complicated movements and original designs. Franck decided to devote his career to create highly complicated watches and started working in his workshop on timepieces that would become exceptional world premieres.

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Franck Muller

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Franck Muller Watches for Sale in South Africa

Of all the world famous watch brands, Franck Muller is quite possibly a brand that you are already familiar with. Franck Muller watches are a luxury brand in every possible sense of the word, and when worn, there is little doubt that among those who are interested in such watches, the Franck Muller is an attention grabber.

The watches manufactured by Franck Muller are quite unconventional looking when compared to other luxury watches. Instead of conforming to the round watch face, the Franck Muller is often rectangular, with boldly set numbers, making it easy to read and impossible to miss. The company is at the cutting edge of watch making and watch design innovation and they are consistently adding new watches to their growing collections.

Topwatch offers a range of new and pre-owned Franck Muller watches for sale in South Africa.


A Brief Look at the History of Franck Muller

The story of the brand will let you in on the reasons why the watches look the way that they do.

The company was founded by Franck Muller in 1991, after he was dared to turn a small production line into an enterprise. Prior to the launch of his now world famous company, he created complicated watches in his workshop, experimenting with different styles and watchmaking ideas.

Today, the Franck Muller watch is one of the most complicated watches on the planet and it is incredibly well known for being of the finest quality. The company, like many other luxury watch brands, was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, and the watches made are known for having a certain exclusivity, complicated movements and the kind of design that cannot be forgotten.

At the company’s headquarters, the talented team of watchmakers work hard to not only build new watches but to also recreate existing timepieces, giving them updated technology. Every aspect of the watch making process takes place in this single place, from the conception process, to the manufacturing, the engraving and the servicing.

All types of Franck Muller watches are easily recognised due to their Cintree Curves shape. This design has become something of a DNA trait for the overall brand and it also demonstrates the brands expertise. For those who are a little more in the know in the watch making world, the inner workings of the watch are incredibly complicated and intricate, and easily identifiable as a Franck Muller piece.


The Franck Muller Watch Collections

Franck Muller doesn’t have the longest watch making history, but in the little time that they have been growing their brand, they have wasted no time in creating a fantastic range of options.

The popular watch collections that you can choose from when selecting your Franck Muller include a specific collection for men, a collection for women, a grand collection and a series of new models. Each collection has something for everyone and the watches range from highly sophisticated pieces to quite artsy watches.

When you are shopping around for a Franck Muller watch, it helps to go through the various pieces available, as the collections are quite extensive. You can buy a new or a used Franck Muller watch when you shop online at Topwatch. If you would like to sell your Frank Muller watch, we would love to hear from you.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the cheapest Franck Muller?

The cheapest Franck Muller watch that you can buy will start from around R 30 000. If you are looking for something even cheaper, you can shop from the second hand watch collections.


How much is a genuine Franck Muller watch?

A genuine Franck Muller watch will have a starting price of around R 30 000 while others will run into the R 100 000s, all depending on the type you are looking to buy.


Are Franck Muller worth the money?

If you are one of the lucky people who owns a Franck Muller watch you will never have to worry about the watch investment being worth the money, because these watches are more than capable of holding their worth.


What is the hardest Franck Muller to get?

The hardest Franck Muller watch to get will be one from the limited edition collections or vintage ranges. Any of the upper end, more expensive Franck Muller watches are also likely to be hard to get.


Which Franck Muller should I buy?

The Franck Muller watch that you end up buying is going to be the type that will tick all of your boxes in terms of your tastes and your needs. There is a wide range of Franck Muller watches on the market so finding the right one is going to be fairly easy.


How long will a Franck Muller last?

Given the fact that Franck Muller watches are part of the luxury watch family, any Franck Muller that you buy is almost certainly going to give you plenty of years of good use. It is safe to say that your Franck Muller can last more than a lifetime.


How do I tell if my Franck Muller is real?

There are a few tell tale signs to look for, if you want to determine if the Franck Muller watch you have bought is real or a fake. Bad lettering that is skew or blurred, logos that don’t look quite right, miscolouring or peeling paint, and a serial number that doesn’t match the watch, are all signs that the watch is a fake.


Should I buy a new or used Franck Muller?

Both of the options have their pros and their cons. When you buy a new watch you will have to pay out extra for the watch but you are going to be the only owner. If you don’t mind not being the only owner and you don’t have the budget for a new watch, then a second hand watch could be the better option for you.


What is the most wanted Franck Muller?

The most wanted Franck Muller watch is going to be either one of the more expensive watches, or one from a vintage or limited edition range.


How much is Franck Muller service cost?

The cost of a Franck Muller watch service is going to vary from one place or person to the next. A watch service is often priced according to the watch in question as well as the amount of work that needs to be done, and there is, of course, labour costs as well. The safest way to get an accurate price is to collect a few quotes.


How can I tell the year of my Franck Muller?

The easiest way to tell the year of your Franck Muller watch is to either Google search the watch or to have a look at the paperwork that the watch should come with. Having a look at the serial number might also help.


Do Franck Muller watches need maintenance?

Yes, as a luxury watch, if you want it to keep its value, you should make sure that you do regular (annual) maintenance.


Do Franck Muller watches hold their value?

Yes, a Franck Muller watch can hold its value because the watch is backed up by a famous brand and also because the watch is manufactured with the very best materials.


Do Franck Muller watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

An authentic Franck Muller watch should come with its own certificate of authenticity, even if it is a second hand watch.