Luxury Michel Herbelin Watches for Sale in South Africa

Michel Herbelin

Michel Herbelin

All Michel Herbelin pieces are French-designed with precision Swiss Movements, offering a wide range of models that meet all requirements, both sporty and classic. Clean lines, elegance and attention to detail are the cornerstones of Michel Herbelin design. Creating models that reflect the ever-changing nature of watch making trends, and collections that embrace the imagination and emotion, Michel Herbelin pieces are as unique as the people that wear them. 
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Michel Herbelin

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Michel Herbelin Watches – French Designed Precision 

Michel Herbelin Watches are among the most stylish and luxurious accessories in the world and they are certainly a great addition to any watch collection. Made using precise techniques and from nothing but the best materials, a Michel Herbelin watch is a statement piece designed to last a lifetime. 

Michel Herbelin is a company that is passionate about their creative approach and their attention to detail to watch manufacturing. A family owned company, this watch brand has been in operation since 1947 and has been inspired by the ideas and creativity of at least 3 generations that have contributed to the growth of the company. At Topwatch, you can find a range of new and pre-owned Michel Herbelin watches for sale. 

The History of Michel Herbelin Watches 

This watch brand was founded by Michel Herbelin. Living and working in the French watchmaking capital of Charquemont, Herbelin’s parents originally intended for their son to take over their business, but he had watch making day dreams. 

He went against the wishes of his parents and studied watchmaking. After a few years spent practicing his craft at a local watch factory, he was not happy with the fact that the watches he was making were not able to live up to his high standards. As such he was inspired to create his own brand of watches which would aim to restore the honour and the quality of French watchmaking tradition. 

His first watch was manufactured in his parent’s house in Charquemont, when he was 26 years old. This first watch was christened “IMPEC”, a name he chose to tell people about his goal to create stylish watches that worked just as they should. He wanted to create IMPECcable watches. 

During these early days, he worked with both Swiss and French suppliers, those based in the Charquemont area. Using his skills and their supplies, he could provide his customers with an array of stunning watches that soon gained a fantastic reputation. 

Up until 1965, the brand had simply been known as IMPEC. But after the success the brand enjoyed, it underwent a name change and became Michel Herbelin. 

Keeping it in the family 

Michel Herbelin inspired generations of his family to take up watchmaking. The brand has been on the move for the past 40 years, and his two sons joined him in his passion for making watches of the highest calibre. 

In the 1980’s, Michel Herbelin found itself in competition with the growing Quartz brand. Instead of going along with the general consensus that the French watchmaking world would be suffering a blow, Michel Herbelin’s sons saw it as an amazing opportunity to unleash their creativity and to be challenged to grow the brand. 

And it paid off. Today, Michel Herbelin is a brand that is still in the family and it is as popular as ever. 

Michel Herbelin Watch Collections 

Some of the most famous watch collections from this brand include the Trophy, the Newport, the Cap Camarat, the Cable, the Scandinave, the 5th Avenue, the Antares, and the Art Deco. Each of these are a great representation of the sophistication of this iconic watch brand. 

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