Luxury Seiko Watches for Sale in South Africa



25th December 1969 was probably the most significant date in the history of modern watchmaking and without a doubt it was the most momentous day in the history of Seiko. On this day, the company sold the world's first ever Quartz watch and revolutionised our expectations of time.

Seiko believes that the wristwatch is an ultimate accessory. The best watches live in harmony and interact with the wearer, and their functions offer a reassuring and emotionally satisfying bond.

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Finest Quality Seiko Watches for Sale in South Africa

Always one step ahead the rest

A brand that boldly states that it is a cut above the rest, Seiko has easily lived up to its self-proclaimed status of excellence. This brand, which has been around for well over 100 years continues to excel in creating luxury watches that people want to buy.

We have a collection of new and pre-owned Seiko watches for sale in South Africa

Manufacturing watches according to the earliest watchmaking traditions and going above and beyond to give watch buyers a pristine piece, Seiko is a sought after brand name that many a collector hopes to one day own. These stunning watches slip seamlessly from the boardroom to the great outdoors, with many of the watches made particularly for divers.  


The History of Seiko

The Seiko heritage is steeped in tradition. The company was founded in 1881, by Kintaro Hattori. As a 21 year old entrepreneur, Hattori started out by opening up a shop which focused on selling and repairing watches and clocks. The company was based in central Tokyo and in time became quite popular. 11 years after this company was founded, Hattori opened the Seikosha factory and started producing wall clocks.

The name Seiko is the Japanese word for exquisite or success. And it was at this factory that Hattori started laying the foundation for the creation of Seiko as we know it today.

His success with the wall clocks created the foundation upon which he could spread is wings and launch new products that people soon flocked to buy. In 1895, Hattori manufactured his very first pocket watch. The manufacturing of this pocket watch paved the way for the first Japanese wristwatch.

In 1913, Seiko unleashed the Laurel wristwatch. Up until this point there were very few wristwatches in circulation in Japan and those that were worn by the public were mostly imported. The Japanese preferred a pocket watch, possibly because it was locally made and thus cost less than the fancy imported wristwatches.

All of this changed with the Laurel. Seiko was able to take the market and during these earlier days, they were able to comfortably manufacture 30 – 50 watches.

Since these early days, Seiko has come to dominate the Asian watch world and many years after the creation of the company, Seiko expanded to introduce the Grand Seiko brand, which is committed to creating the “ideal” watch.

Today, Seiko has a formidable reputation and to own one of their watches has become a mark of status in the watch collecting world.


The Seiko Watch Collections

At the moment, Seiko has 6 collections, each with a range of beautiful watches to shop from. The 6 collections include the Astron, the Prospex, the Presage, the Seiko Sport, the Lukia and the Seiko Premier. The watches in each collection come with a variety of different, useful features and they are designed to suit a wide range of style tastes. The majority of the Seiko watches can be worn on fancy occasions and they are suitable for every day wear and even outdoor activities. Made from the best materials and using the most advanced watchmaking techniques, a Seiko is a great buy!



Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the cheapest Seiko?

The cheapest Seiko watch that you can buy right now is likely to come from a second hand watch dealer. Popular cheap Seiko watches can start at around R 3 500, which for a luxury watch is an absolute steal!


How much is a genuine Seiko watch?

A genuine Seiko watch can start at around R 3 500, and you can get them for even cheaper than that if you buy the watch from a second hand seller.

The more expensive, brand new Seiko watches can easily set you back over R 180 000.


Are Seiko worth the money?

A Seiko watch is worth the money you will spend on it. These watches are manufactured by one of the oldest watch companies in the world and they are considered to be highly valuable and much prized timepieces.


What is the hardest Seiko to get?

There are a few Seiko watches that are considered quite difficult to buy. These include the Seiko Presage SARY055, the Seiko Men’s Excelsior Chronograph, and the Seiko SUP880.


Which Seiko should I buy?

The Seiko watch that you should buy should be the watch that you want. It is as simple as that. You will have a massive range of options in terms of watch selection, as well as 2 buying options, which include new and used.


How long will a Seiko last?

When stored correctly and kept in a good condition (well-maintained), the Seiko watch has the ability to last you a lifetime, as these are luxury watches designed to give you many years of fantastic use.


How do I tell if my Seiko is real?

There are a variety of ways to tell if your Seiko watch is real. Some things to pay close attention to include the watch logo (check if it looks authentic and has no smudges), the serial number, and the layout of the numbers, the watch dial and the metal used to make the watch. One way to avoid being defrauded, is to only ever buy a watch from a reputable dealer.


Should I buy a new or used Seiko?

The choice between buying a new or used Seiko watch will be one that depends on which option you prefer and which you can afford. If you have money to spend, then treat yourself to something new but know that if you buy a used watch, although you will pay out less you will still get a watch in good shape.


What is the most wanted Seiko?

There are many Seiko watches that are highly sought after. Some of the most wanted Seiko watches include the Seiko Marvel 1956, the Seiko Chronograph Hand Winding Tokyo Olympic, and the Seiko 5. These are very valuable timepieces and are in limited supply.


How much is Seiko service cost?

The cost of a Seiko watch service will depend on a few things including the type of watch that you own, the amount of work needing to be done and the place that you take your watch to be serviced. One thing you should always do though, is to take your watch to a trusted person or company when the time comes for a service.


How can I tell the year of my Seiko?

The easiest way to tell the year of your watch will be to either check the serial number on the watch or by having a look at the paperwork that the watch should have come with.


Do Seiko watches need maintenance?

Yes, as with all luxury watches, your Seiko watch is going to occasionally need a little bit of maintenance. Usually, just taking your watch in once a year for a clean-up and service should be more than enough attention to make sure that your watch is kept in a valuable condition.


Do Seiko watches hold their value?

Yes, your Seiko watch is more than capable of holding onto its value so long as it is kept well maintained and in a good condition. Another reason why they hold onto their value is because the watch is made with great quality materials and by highly experienced people.


Do Seiko watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

All Seiko watches should come with the relevant paperwork, including a certificate of guarantee.