Luxury IWC Watches for Sale in South Africa




The IWC watchmaking company, which is based in Switzerland, ship their watches all over the world. Where perfections meets watches. 

For the last 150 years, this watchmaking company has pushed innovation and technology to the very edge, resulting in the luxurious IWC watches you can buy today. Their close attention to the finest of details has resulted collections of popular, high-quality watches.

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IWC Watches for Sale in South Africa

The IWC watchmaking company, which is based in Switzerland, ship their watches all over the world and you can buy one of your own online.

IWC watches are designed both for men and for women and among their collections are some of the world’s most luxurious watches.

Although IWC is a Swiss company, it was founded by an American watchmaking pioneer, Florentine Ariosto Jones. He drew a lot of his inspiration from Swiss watchmakers and the company was officially founded in 1868. Qualified Swiss watchmakers guided his manufacturing process and often leant a helping hand, which gave him access to some of best technology available at that time.

For the last 150 years, this watchmaking company has pushed innovation and technology to the very edge, resulting in the luxurious IWC watches you can buy today. Their close attention to the finest of details has resulted collections of popular, high-quality watches. Not only are the watches something stunning to look at, making them great accessories, but they are also mechanically superior to many of the watches out there.

Topwatch offers a range of new and pre-owned IWC  watches for sale in South Africa.


Timeless Design Meets Precision Engineering

Four generations of watches have been produced by IWC Schaffhausen. Some of the watch collections you will find for sale include the Portugieser, the Ingenieur, the Da Vinci, the Aquatimer, the Portofino and the Pilot’s Watches. Each collection is a true testament to the ingenuity as well as the creative flair that each watchmaking engineer working at IWC has. The expertise of the team has resulted in both durable and elegant luxury watches which are ideal for use on the sports field as well as for everyday living.

This is not your normal watch manufacturer. IWC takes an active stance in its social, economic and environmental responsibilities. As a result, it has a wide range of both internal and external activities and partnerships. Currently, the company supports a number of charities and active causes including the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, the Charles Darwin Foundation and a variety of causes closer to home. The company is also 100% committed to using renewable resources, recycling of waste, heat and rainwater. They also strive to lower their carbon dioxide emissions.

The watchmakers at IWC Schaffhausen remain passionate about their craft and they are tireless in their approach to making watches. They are always looking for a new way to add something new to their craft and this is what makes the company one of the most innovative watch manufacturers in the world.

The trusted brand name of IWC has been built up by the hard work its staff have put in and unparalleled quality that the employees are able to bring to the table. The designs and inner workings of each watch assembled requires trained eyes, talented fingers and precise tools.


Buying IWC watches

The IWC watch price symbolises the quality associated with each watch. When it comes to luxury watches in South Africa, IWC is ranked among the absolute best you could buy. They remain a huge favourite for everyone looking for durable yet stylish watches. It might not be one of the most expensive watch brands, but it is certainly one of the best. Shop online using Topwatch and buy your own luxury IWC watch. We’ve sourced the best watches in the world, to give you more of a variety in your pursuit for the best watch. If you would like to sell your IWC watch, we would love to hear from you.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the cheapest IWC?

One of the cheapest IWC watches is the Ingenieur Automatic while the other cheap IWC watch is the Da Vinci Automatic. Both of these are dive watches and they are everything you’d expect from this popular watch making brand.


How much is a genuine IWC watch?

A genuine IWC watch starts at around $4000 (USD). The entry watches are fairly affordable and they are an absolutely wonderful addition to any watch collector’s line up of timepieces.


Are IWC worth the money?

Yes, the IWC watch is worth the money. These watches are considered to be among the more luxurious on the market in the watch world today, while they are also more than able to hold onto their value. This means that in time they will become quite valuable timepieces.


What is the hardest IWC to get?

The hardest IWC watch to buy would be any of the watches that are a part of the limited editions. The other hardest watches to buy would be any of those made with a metal that is perhaps pricey or rare. You should also have a look at the most expensive watches, as they too can be rather rare buys.


Which IWC should I buy?

The IWC watch that you buy should be the one that you really want. This means you should opt for the watch that reflects your personality and which also reflects your needs. IWC creates a range of watches with a specific purpose, such as watches that can be worn when swimming.


How long will a IWC watch last?

When taken good care of, your IWC watch will last a lifetime. In order to make sure that your watch is kept in the best possible condition, it is important to make sure that you take it in for regular services and that you correctly store your watch when you are not wearing it. Your watch battery will not last a lifetime though, so you will have to replace it every few years.


How do I tell if my IWC is real?

There are a few easy ways to tell if your IWC watch is real:

1.      Check the dial. IWC is well known for their incredible attention to detail. This means a real watch has a sapphire crystal on the face, uniform colouring on the dial, and everything on the dial is neat and in line.

2.      The bezel of the case should not have another pusher at the 10 o’clock and the case should be sleek and smooth.

3.      The crown should be slim and the shape should not be obstructed in any way.

4.      The bracelet should have an uneven-numbered lug width.


Should I buy a new or used IWC?

Whether you buy a new watch or a used one, is entirely based on a few considerations. If you are looking to save money, you should buy a used IWC while if you have the budget and you are not keen on wearing a watch that someone else has owned, then you can buy a new one. Used watches are generally sold in an almost new condition, but this is only a guarantee if you are buying from a reputable second hand seller.


What is the most wanted IWC?

The most wanted IWC watch is any watch in the limited or special editions range. Only a handful of these watches have been manufactured, and most have already been sold which means they are not only rare but you might only be able to buy one of these watches as a second hand piece.


How much is IWC service cost?

The cost to service an IWC watch is going to be determined by two things; the watch you own and the company or person who you have taken your watch to in order to be serviced. There is not likely to be one standard rate so you might have to ask around.


How can I tell the year of my IWC?

To find the year, you will need to open the casing and find the serial number which is usually found on the movement or on the case back. The number will then need to be cross referenced with the IWC list of serial numbers.


Do IWC watches need maintenance?

Yes they do, and it is important that you take your watch to be serviced every year or so. You should also make sure that the watch is regularly polished and stored away safely.


Do IWC watches hold their value?

Yes they do, but only if you make it your mission to make sure that the watch gets its regular service, is properly stored and that it gets polished often.


Do IWC watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, all IWC watches should come with a certificate of authenticity. Only the manufacturer can present this certificate.