Luxury Rotary Watches for Sale in South Africa



Rotary is renowned for its Swiss heritage and celebrates over 120 years of watchmaking expertise. This legacy was brought to life by Swiss watchmaker Moise Dreyfuss in 1895 in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds - a family passion that carried on for four generations
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Rotary Watches for Sale in South Africa

Rotary watches are without a doubt some of the more stylish timepieces you will find on the watch market today. Drawing on its Swiss history, which dates back some 120 years, and consistently innovating and coming up with stunning new designs, these watches have earned their luxury reputation.

Rotary is renowned for creating the types of watches that have a classic look but a modern appeal. Every detail put into the manufacturing and the design of these watches is well thought out, ensuring that customers receive the kind of luxury watch they have always wanted. The timepieces are easily recognisable as each is stamped with a marking and since these watches are designed and manufactured in such a way that they are more than able to last a lifetime, they can quite easily become a precious heirloom.

Topwatch offers a range of new and pre-owned Rotary watches for sale in South Africa.


A Swiss History

Rotary watches were first manufactured in 1895. Under the guidance and expertise of Moise Dreyfuss, the Rotary brand was launched in La Chaux de Fonds, a small Swiss town. Although initially only a few watches were manufactured at the time, they almost instantly gained an audience consisting of dedicated fans and watchmakers alike.

Rotary became quite famous for their ability to mix the old with the new. They did not seek to reinvent the wheel, but to modernise it in such a way that the old techniques perfectly complement any new additions. Moise Dreyfuss was utterly dedicated to the craft of watchmaking and it showed with his precise services and his immense attention to detail.

Just 12 years after the company was founded, it was a massive success and it saw the launching of its first UK based office.

By 1925, the company had been passed into the hands of Teddy Dreyfuss and he took the company into the new era of watchmaking. He embraced marketing, and along with his introduction of new designs, he also made sure that the company name was spread far and wide.

The company is rather proud of its heritage and each of their watch collections have a story behind them. Given the long history of the company, the collections they manufacture are a representation of how watch manufacturing has changed over the years.

Today, Rotary Watches can be bought in 65 countries and the brand positions itself as an affordable but stylish watch company. The brand remains a classic and every watch collector should invest in a Rotary Watch.


Rotary Watch Collections

Each watch in the numerous Rotary Watch collections are a mix of old school, timeless design and manufacturing, and the modern contemporary style.

At the moment, there are currently 11 watch collections to browse through, and each has a range of stunning timepieces to choose from. The collections include the Avenger, the Cambridge, the Greenwich, the Henley, the Heritage, the Kensington, the London, the Oxford, the Regent, the Ultra Slim, and the Windsor.

When choosing your Rotary Watch, you can buy it second hand. At TopWatch, we have a wide selection of luxury second hand watches for sale, and you can buy them via our website. If you would like to sell your Rotary watch, we would love to hear from you.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the cheapest Rotary?

The cheapest Rotary watch is likely to be found amongst the second hand types. These watches are pre-loved and sold in the best possible condition.


How much is a genuine Rotary watch?

A genuine Rotary watch will start at around R5000 and can run into the 10s of thousands of Rands depending on the type of Rotary watch you choose to buy.


Are Rotary worth the money?

A Rotary watch is absolutely worth the money. They are made from some of the best materials and carefully put together using years of experience and expertise. These stunning watches are also more than able to hold their value.


What is the hardest Rotary to get?

The hardest Rotary watch to get would be the vintage type. These watches are a part of a rare collection that dates back to the watch companies earliest days. Any vintage watch would be well worth the buy, because they are incredibly valuable.


Which Rotary should I buy?

The one that you buy should be the type that suits your particular tastes. You can also have a look at the bestselling Rotary watches, which include the Rotary Exclusive Vintage Chronograph Watch, the Rotary Skeleton Vintage Mechanique Automatic Watch, and the Rotary Men’s Vintage Mechanique Skeleton Automatic Watch.


How long will a Rotary last?

Since Rotary watches are made from the very best materials and made using age old techniques, these watches will last a lifetime, but only if they are regularly maintained and kept in a good condition.


How do I tell if my Rotary is real?

There are a few quick and easy ways to tell if your Rotary watch is real:

·        Have a look at the text on the lower dial. It should be perfectly centred and easy to read.

·        The text on the watch should say Est. Switzerland 1895.

·        The movements should be sleek and smooth.

·        You should have a look at the watch’s serial number.

·        You should only buy your watch from a reputable dealer.


Should I buy a new or used Rotary?

The option is entirely up to you. A second hand watch is a great buy if you are buying the watch from a reputable dealer and if you are sure the watch is in a good condition. Luckily, when buying from a trusted dealer, you can be sure to receive a good quality watch.


What is the most wanted Rotary?

The most wanted Rotary watches come from the most popular Rotary watch collections. These watches include the Skeleton Automatic watch, the Men’s Automatic Day Date watch, the Swiss Made Tradition Automatic watch, and the Moonphase Watch.


How much is Rotary service cost?

The price of a service is going to depend on the type of watch you have bought as well as the company or person you use to give your watch a service. Ideally, your Rotary watch should only be serviced by a reputable dealer.


How can I tell the year of my Rotary?

The easiest way to check which year your watch has been made is by having a look at the serial number. This will usually be engraved on the watch case.


Do Rotary watches need maintenance?

Yes, your Rotary watch will need to be regularly maintained. A yearly service should be enough to keep the watch in a fine condition and you should also make sure that the watch is given a regular polish to keep the case shining.


Do Rotary watches hold their value?

Yes, Rotary watches do hold their value. Considering that they are made from the best materials and they are made by talented experts and marked with the Rotary logo, they are more than able to keep their value and become treasured family heirlooms.


Do Rotary watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, these watches are sold with a certificate of authenticity. Make sure that when you buy your watch, even if you are buying a second hand watch, that you receive a certificate.