Luxury Tudor Watches for Sale in South Africa




This is certainly not the world's oldest watch brand, but it has nevertheless had quite an impact on the market and found an unshakable fan base. Founded in 1926, the company is based in Geneva and was registered at the request of Rolex founder, Hans Wilsdorf. Initially, the company was created as an affordable alternative to Rolex's more expensive models. To this day the brand remains a sister company to Rolex, manufacturing tool watches to a standard that can withstand the rough environment of divers and military personnel.
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Tudor Watches for Sale in South Africa

Born to Dare  

From the enthusiastic adventurer to the sports heroes, Tudor Watches have quickly become a favoured brand for anyone who has an active lifestyle and wants a luxury Swiss made watch to complement their passions and personality.

This is certainly not the world’s oldest watch brand, but it has nevertheless had quite the impact on the market and found an unshakable fan base. Founded in 1926, the company is based in Geneva and was registered at the request of Rolex founder, Hans Wilsdorf. Initially, the company was created as an affordable alternative to the classically pricey Rolex watches. The brand remains a sister company to Rolex, primarily manufacturing watches which are considered tool watches and are made for divers and the military. Through the 1960s and 1980s, a number of navies issued the Tudor watches to their divers. Both the famous Navy SEALS and the French Marine Nationale helped to make the brand make a reputable name for itself.

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Within a short time, the watch brand had grown. Their chronographers boast a unique style and an identity of their own. The first mechanically wound Tudor watch was launched in 1970. Called the Oysterdate Chronograph, it almost instantly won over watch lovers, partly thanks to its bright colours and the distinctive choice of pentagon hour markers. The unusual style of the dial also made this watch a truly outstanding accessory, ahead of its time in many ways.

The exceptional quality of these watches is also undeniable. Over the years, these watches have been defined by consistent improvement, in both their inner workings and in their overall stunning designs. Each model is designed in such a way that it becomes a symbol of the era in which it was manufactured, while at the same time, it is able to stand out from others by having its own distinguishable traits.

Tudor has truly earned its place in various sports fields as there are four successive catalogues of watches that fit into the sports industry. Watch lovers can rest knowing the kind of superb quality they can look forward to when they buy a watch so closely linked to the world famous Rolex brand. In order to get the most out of this watch, so that the watch will retain its quality as well as its value, it is worth it to keep the watch maintained and serviced.  


Outstanding Tudor Collections

Those looking to add a Tudor luxury watch to their collection of time keeping accessories will find that there are 12 collections to choose from, while they can also opt to build their own watch. The collections include the Heritage Chrono, the North Flag, the Pelagos, the Black Bay, the Clair de Rose and the Ranger. Each collection is characterised by design and the types of metals used.  The vast range of watches available allows buyers to browse and easily find the one that best suits their needs and their style. If you would like to sell your Tudor watch, we would love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the cheapest Tudor?

The cheapest Tudor watch is likely to be a second hand watch. As a prior-own timepiece, the price will generally drop dramatically. If you are going for a brand new watch, you can expect prices to start at around R30 000.


How much is a genuine Tudor watch?

A genuine, brand new watch can start at around R30 000 and go up to R100 000 and more. When buying a Tudor watch, you should always make sure that you buy your watch from a reputable company.


Are Tudor worth the money?

Yes, these watches are worth the money. Tudor is a great brand name and it is known to hold its value and become something really valuable. This means that if you were to sell your watch at some stage, you would be making your money back.


What is the hardest Tudor to get?

The most sought after Tudor watch is the Black Bay GMT. This watch has been extremely difficult to get hold of and that is all thanks to the watch’s design and because it is a high-end watch available at a great price.


Which Tudor should I buy?

The Tudor watch that you end up going for should be the watch that you want. Whether it is a first-hand watch or a pre-owned one, the watch you choose should be the type that best suits your style and your budget.


How long will a Tudor last?

Tudor watches are designed to last a lifetime, but only if they are kept in the best possible condition. It is important to store your watch correctly and to have it serviced regularly in order for it to keep its value.


How do I tell if my Tudor is real?

There are a few things to look at when determining if your watch is real:

·        Compare the colour of the bezel. Fake watches often don’t have a proper matt finish.

·        Have a look at the lettering. Real watches are precise with letter sizes and placement.

·        Look at the crown symbol on the watch. All Tudor watches have a rose on the side of the crown.

·        Check the dial on the watch. The dial on the watch should be perfectly aligned and completely precise.

·        The lume used should be bright in the dark. Fake watches usually have a dull glow.


Should I buy a new or used Tudor?

The decision is entirely up to you. If you buy a new watch, you should expect to be paying out a whole lot more while if you buy a used Tudor watch, you will be paying less, although you need to keep in mind that the watch might not be in the best condition, if you don’t buy from a reputable dealer.


What is the most wanted Tudor?

The most wanted Tudor watch is the Black Bay GMT watch. This timepiece is highly sought after because of its incredible design and its phenomenal price.


How much is Tudor service cost?

The cost of a service is going to depend on a number of factors. For starters, the type of Tudor watch you have will reflect the price of the service. Secondly, the person or company you take the watch to for the service will also affect the price. The price is also likely to be affected by the amount of work that will need to be done.


How can I tell the year of my Tudor?

To find the year that the watch has been made, you will have to have a look at the serial number which you will find beneath the watch strap.


Do Tudor watches need maintenance?

Yes they do. In order for the watch to keep its value, it will need to be given a regular check-up. The most common bit of maintenance that you will need to do is the battery change. Maintenance can also include polishing and a repair of scratches.


Do Tudor watches hold their value?

Yes the Tudor watch is going to hold its value, which is exactly what makes it such a great financial investment. In order to ensure that your Tudor watch will hold its value, you should make sure that your watch is kept in a pristine condition.


Do Tudor watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

The Tudor watch should come with a certificate of authenticity.