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Sell your Alpina watch

Luxury watches are not made equal, and one factor that can really set each watch apart, is the sort of environment the watch can be worn in. Unlike many of the other luxury watch brands out there, which are mostly suitable for wearing indoors, in the office or on a night out, the Alpina watch is one of the only watch brands that can be worn outside, without being easily damaged.

These watches have earned a bit of a legendary status in outdoor enthusiast circles, and while they are an outdoor kind of watch brand, the watches made by Alpina will look just as wonderful when worn on a daily basis.

Alpina, like many other watch brands, has a certain knack for innovation. If you are looking to sell your Alpina watch, we’d love to connect.

At Topwatch South Africa, our team is always looking to add to the range of luxury watches we have for sale. Alpina timepieces are just one of the many luxury brands that we buy and sell as second hand watches, and we buy Alpina watches whenever we can get our hands on them.

Alpina watches are sleek, stylish and growing in popularity. These watches are fantastically beautiful, they suit all sorts of tastes, and since they are made from some of the very best watch materials in the world, the Alpina watch is more than capable of holding onto its value, meaning when you are looking to sell your timepiece, you will be able to get a really good price for your watch.


About Alpina Watches

There is a lot more to the Alpina watch than meets the eye. These watches are the ultimate sports and outdoor watch, and their overall look and design is greatly inspired by life in Switzerland. The company has its origins in the Aplina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation, a group which was set up to unite Switzerland’s leading independent watchmakers who collectively became known as the Alpinists. In the early days of the company, the role players involved would develop and optimize the creation of movements and the overall watch, and when the corporation evolved and the focus shifted to also developing in-house calibers as well as chronometers.

By 1901, the Alpina trademark was registered and the first Alpina watches came on the scene.

In the time since then, the company has stumbled a few times, for not wanting to move with the modern world, but despite it all, Alpina has made it through all of the challenges and come out strong.

Creating immensely valuable outdoor sports watches, the kind that meet luxury standards and expectations, Alpina is the watch brand of choice for hundreds of thousands of happy customers. Given the watch brands exceptional back ground and its dedication to crafting the most luxurious timepieces, when selling an Alpina watch you can get quite an impressive return on your investment.


What is so great about buying an Alpina watch?

It is all about the high value of the watch. Although the aesthetic and overall beauty of the watch is certainly what will initially attract someone to an Alpina, the real upside to buying a watch from this brand is that it is a great investment for your hard earned money. When the Alpina watch is taken very good care of, and given its regular, annual service, it will retain its monetary value which means if you want to sell the watch one day, you will get a very good price for it, provided you sell to a reputable company, like Topwatch.

Alpina watches, since they are luxury timepieces, are also great statement makers, if you are the type who likes to make a splash by wearing the finest accessories. These watches are the kind of conversation starters that you will want to have if you are keen to get more involved in the various luxury watch collector circles.

Owning an Alpina watch, if you are a rough and rugged outdoor kind of person, is also a fantastic option if you are looking for something to wear when out enjoying yourself. These watches are made just for those kinds of conditions, which means you won’t have to worry about the watch being damaged or broken.


We Buy Alpina Watches

At Topwatch South Africa, we are always interested in the new watches that come our way, especially if they are the luxury kind. Within our selection of second hand watches for sale, we have the iconic Alpina watch and to keep our stock flowing, we buy Alpina watches in South Africa.

To ensure that our clients get the best prices for their watches, we determine the price that we are willing to pay based on the condition, the age, the model, and a couple of other factors of each individual watch that a seller brings to us. Our team has a keen insight and understanding about all kinds of luxury watches and we know what to look for.

Where it is possible, we like to buy watches that come with their original branding, packaging and relevant documentation, but this is just a nice addition and if a watch doesn’t come with these extras we are still interested in what the seller has to offer. We take all kinds of Alpina watches, and we are always happy to find the rare Alpina watches. We’ve bought all kinds of Alpina watches over the years, and sold thousands of second hand luxury watches of all kinds.

At Topwatch, we aim to make the selling of luxury watches as easy as possible and this is why we help our clients out by giving them the best prices for their watches. Should you need help selling your watch or if you are just looking for more information about what the watch selling process entails, you can always contact Topwatch today.

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