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Sell Your Arnold and Son Watch

Owning an Arnold and Son watch is something of a statement. With its stunning selection of detail orientated watches, the kind that meet those unspoken standards set by the luxury watch industry, any Arnold and Son watch is not just something incredibly beautiful to look at but it is also a clever financial investment. Unlike other luxury watch brands who try to break the mould using quirky designs and funky colours, Arnold and Son watches are made to embrace the sleek and sophisticated look that is in its own right rather bold.

Like many other watch companies out there, Arnold and Son has in many ways made a good impact on the market. They have created new ways of doing things and they are committed to being innovative in both the way in which they are manufacturing their watches and the way that they have chosen to approach the design process. The result is that they have created a huge catalogue of stunning watches that are absolutely worth the price that one pays for them.

While this luxury watch brand produces some knock-out watches, there will always be a time when you would perhaps like to change your timepiece. Selling your Arnold and Son watch is as easy as ever, and finding a trustworthy company to buy your treasured watch has become a whole lot simpler when you choose to sell your Arnold and Son watch to Topwatch.

For decades our team has been at the forefront of South Africa’s pre-owned watch industry and we have assisted plenty of customers looking to sell their luxury watch. With our understanding of the industry and with our in-depth knowledge of watches we can ensure that you get a fair price for your timepiece. And for anyone looking to buy a luxury timepiece but who are shopping on a budget, having the option of investing in a high quality second hand watch, especially a unique and sometimes hard to come by Arnold and Son watch, is much appreciated. And for you, the seller, this means, you are guaranteed to be able to sell your watch.

About Arnold and Son Watches

Arnold and Son was founded in 1764, by John Arnold who was an 18th century English watchmaker. He had a reputation for his ingenuity and for the exceptional work that he did with marine chronometers. His legacy is one that has spanned the last couple of 100 years. Each of the watches the company produces is simply outstanding and each looks like a work of art.

Although the watches have English roots, it is today a Swiss brand, with the business now manufacturing its watches at La Chaux-de-Fonds. Its current location is in what is considered to be the very heart of Swiss watchmaking.

Some of the most iconic watch collections from Arnold and Son, the same collections which have become highly sought-after, include the Time Pyramid, the Nebula, and the HM Perpetual Moon.

To own an Arnold and Son watch is to wear a piece of history and as such these watches are a one of a kind accessory.

What makes the Arnold and Son Watch a Superb Buy?

With its incredibly long and truly interesting history, when you decide to invest in an Arnold and Son watch, it comes with many benefits and advantages. The history of the watch gives it that formidable reputation and it also adds value to the watch. Aside from that, each and every watch is manufactured according to the highest industry standards and each also boasts the best materials. This means that when you buy an Arnold and Son watch, you are not just getting an accessory, you are also receiving something that you have safely invested your money in.

Each watch is a one of a kind piece. Given the design of each of these watches, they are quite perfect for wearing in a work setting or for a night out. Although these watches are known to be durable, and they won’t easily break, they might not be so suitable for a long hike or an outdoor adventure.

With the right amount of care, the Arnold and Son watch that you buy can hold onto its value for more than a lifetime. Ideally, you will need to give your watch a yearly service with a reputable company. So long as the watch is kept in a good condition, you will easily be able to sell the piece and get the price for it that you expect.

We Buy Arnold and Son Watches

For many years, Topwatch South Africa has been on the lookout for second hand luxury watches. We buy Arnold and Son watches and we are always happy when we are able to come across the sort of watch that is a rare and interesting find.

Whenever a watch owner comes to us wanting to sell their Arnold and Son watch, our goal is to ensure that they are able to get the best possible price. To do this, we take the time to carefully examine the watch, taking into consideration the overall look of the watch and whether it has been properly cared for, the model of the watch, and the year in which it was made. A watch that might be more unique than another will naturally get a better price.

Once we have bought the watch, we add it to our list of luxury watches for sale in South Africa. The Arnold and Son watches are absolutely stunning, sleek and modern, and because they are such high-quality timepieces, the brand is popular with second hand watch buyers.

Should you be looking for a trusted buyer for your watch, selling your Arnold and Son watch to Topwatch is a great option, and one that will provide you with an excellent price. For more information about the process, you can get in touch with our team today and one of our consultants will assist you.

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