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Sell Your Breguet Watch

The Breguet watch brand is one that is synonymous with luxury, class and elegance. The watches made by Breguet are worthy of their luxury status because they are not only stunning one of a kind pieces but also because they are made using the finest metals and watch making techniques. For any watch collector or for anyone just looking to own that perfect timepiece, the Breguet is a great choice.

Breguet watches have a good reputation and unlike other luxury watches, which can be flashy and a little over the top, the minimalist look of a Breguet watch is exactly what makes these watches as popular as they are. The sleek look of the watch, paired with its phenomenal, ultra-functional face, makes the Breguet something that every fan of luxury watch brands can appreciate.

This brand is inspired by and leans on its ancient French origins. Heavily influenced by all sorts of modern events as well, this brand dates back to French aristocratic times and was once worn by royalty. This noble stamp of approval has not only given Breguet watches a remarkable reputation for excellence, but it has also played a part in ensuring that the brand has enjoyed a long and illustrious history.


The Brief Story of Breguet

Although it comes from humble beginnings, Breguet is a brand that has grown up to become something truly special. Unlike other luxury watch brands, Breguet is a company with a really long history, one that dates back to 1747 when Abraham-Louis Breguet decided to found his very own watch making company.

His business enjoyed incredible success right up until the French Revolution which forced him to return to Switzerland and rebuild. Soon after the embers of the revolution died down, he decided to return to France, where the business again draw in a faithful following and became one of the country’s leading watch making brands.

Throughout the hundreds of years that the brand has been in business, it has changed the way many of us see luxury watches, what with the introduction of all sorts of innovations that have influenced the world of watch making.

Breguet watches are a great choice for both men and women, and they are available in a wide collection of both affordable watches as well as those that are a little more on the extravagantly expensive side. These watches are quite modern but they do have that vintage feel, so there is certainly something for everyone.


What makes a Breguet watch such a good choice?

For any watch collector, or fan for that matter, who wants to invest in a watch that has a really long and impressive history, this is definitely the right brand to opt for. All of the watches in the Breguet range come from a company that really prides itself on making a superb timepiece, and these watches are well-known for living up to watch buyer expectations.

Each watch is carefully put together using tried and test techniques as well as only the finest materials. This, along with the watch brand’s famous history, means each watch is worth the money spent and will become a much beloved and treasured piece.

Although most of the Breguet watches are quite expensive, there is always the option of buying a second hand piece, which is sure to guarantee a lower price.


We Buy Breguet Watches

We buy Breguet watches and are always happy to add to our growing second hand watch collections. Because these watches are incredibly popular among those who have a taste of the elegant, minimalist style, which is a style that is quite timeless, they tend to sell out quickly and so we like to continuously restock this particular brand.

Breguet watches, since they are made by a popular watch making company with quite the impressive history, are well known for holding onto their value really well. This is partly what makes them a great second hand buy, because there is that certainty that the watch will be in a good condition.

When we are looking to buy a second hand Breguet watch, we look at both the exterior condition of the watch as well as what is going on with the inner mechanisms. All watches must pass our control tests before we buy them, as we want our clients to have access to only the best quality time pieces.


We Sell Breguet Watches

Topwatch is not just one of South Africa’s biggest buyers of second hand Breguet watches, we sell them too. Our collection of Breguet watches is always changing, as new stock comes in and older stock goes out.

When we are selling Breguet watches, we like to make sure that the watch is sold with the correct paperwork and if possible the original packaging. This helps to not only authenticate the watch but it also plays a role in making the watch more valuable.

Each of our luxury Breguet watches are available at a very affordable price, making them the ideal option for someone looking to own one of these but who doesn’t want to pay out those brand new watch prices. While the price of these watches is determined in a number of ways, it is usually the overall condition of the watch that will determine the price. Other factors that we look for when determining the price is the model of the watch and the age of the watch.

At Topwatch we are dedicated to making sure that our clients get the best possible service from our highly experienced and knowledgeable team. If you are looking to buy a second hand watch, you can find out more information about the piece by giving us a call or by sending us a quick email. And if you have a watch that you’d like to sell, our team can guide you through the process and ensure that you get the best price for your watch.


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