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Sell Your Bulova Watches

A unique watch brand that caters to both men and women, Bulova Watches consist of a range of luxury watches which are crafted in collaboration with some of the world’s most famous people and brands. Following Bulova watchmaking traditions, each watch is a statement maker in its own right and something that is so effortlessly stylish that it can stand out among the many other watch brands on the market today.

Bulova Watches are a fine display of innovation and expertise. Each of these incredible watches is in its own way a work of art and will hold up beautifully in the boardroom and look just as good when worn on a night out. Manufactured from the very best watchmaking materials and using watchmaking techniques that are popular within the industry as well as those techniques which have been carefully curated by the company itself, every watch from this brand meets those luxury expectations that every luxury watch owner is looking for in their watch.

These watches also happen to have quite a long history, something that adds value to the watch and also gives the timepiece a whole lot of backstory.


About Bulova Watches

This brand is one of the oldest there is, although it is not a household name, at least not in homes where luxury watches are not the norm. The Bulova Watch Company was founded in 1875, just as the United States of America had entered its glory years. The brand took advantage of the era’s advancements in various industries and the company quickly became an innovative watchmaking leader. Bulova watches have been around during some of the most revolutionary moments in the country’s history. The company fast become an industry titan, responsible for creating watchmaking techniques that are still widely used in the creation of luxury watches.

Each Bulova Watch is an example of fierce dedication to perfection, precision, and efficiency and all of these principles are the foundation upon which Joseph Bulova built and grew his brand. With that go-getting spirit, the company has grown in leaps and bounds and has gone well beyond the world of watchmaking, with the company’s influence has even been felt in the American marketing industry.

Although the company was founded 140 years ago, it has easily stood the test of time, and today it is at the forefront of manufacturing the world’s most sought-after watches.


What makes a Bulova Watch a fantastic buy?

For those who are on the hunt for that perfect luxury watch to add to their collection, and for those who are just looking for a beautiful timepiece to call their own and to wear each day, the Bulova Watch is certainly one of the better options one can invest in.

These fabulous watches have a lot of personality and they are in many ways a one of a kind, with a tremendously unique design that truly stands out from similar watches on the market. For any buyer of a watch from this brand, there is much to look forward to, beyond just getting to own something beautiful and quite fashionable.

Seeing that these watches are manufactured from the best materials the industry has to offer, and considering that each watch is made using the latest watch-making techniques, there is a considerable amount of value associated with each luxury watch made.

This means that the watch is easily able to hold onto its financial value for years after it has been purchased. As long as these watches are kept in a good condition and given a regular service, they can become one of the most valuable things that you will ever own.

Given this watch brand's fantastic value and reputation, each timepiece can come with quite the price tag, but this can be worked around if you decide to buy a second-hand watch rather than a brand new timepiece. Second-hand Bulova Watches, especially those that have been well cared for, are about as good as buying a new one, except that they are a whole lot more affordable.


We Buy Bulova Watches

At Topwatch, we collect a wide range of all types of luxury watches, and the Bulova Watch is just one of the many brands that we stock. We buy Bulova Watches, and sell them as second pieces on our website. When we are looking to add second-hand Bulova Watches to our store, we buy our watches based on certain criteria.

For starters, we always look at the overall condition of the watch, taking into consideration whether or not the watch has been damaged in any way. Scratches and other surface damage can sometimes be worked out, but any damage on the inside of the watch can be a lot more problematic, and as such can have a bigger effect on the overall price we pay for it.

We then have a look at the age of the watch as well as the model of the watch, to determine further aid in determining a fair price.


We Sell Bulova Watches

As quickly as we buy Bulova watches, we then sell them as luxury second-hand pieces to our extensive client base. Within our store, we have all sorts of Bulova Watches for sale, and each is available at an affordable price. When selling our watches, we try to include things like the original packaging and any other paperwork that could be connected to the watch.

Our watch prices are determined by factors similar to those used to determine how much we pay for a piece. The age and condition of the watch, as well as whether or not it is a vintage piece will affect the price. Our Bulova Watches can be delivered to wherever you are in South Africa.

At Topwatch we are committed to providing our clients with a great selection of luxury second-hand timepieces, and we will also happily buy them. If you are looking to grow your collection or downscale it, get in touch with us today.


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