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Sell Your Ciga Design Watches

An innovative watch making company dedicated to breaking the mould and pushing the boundaries, Ciga Design watches are really one of a kind pieces that are sought after precisely because they are rather different. Ciga Watches make for a great luxury timepiece, especially if you are looking for the sort of luxury watch that you can wear for all occasions.

Although the brand might not be as well-known as some of the industry’s more household names, Ciga Design Watches have steadily drawn in a crowd of fans and over time the company has cemented its place as a respected watch maker. The company, like many others operating in this luxury watch world, makes use of the best quality materials it can get its hands on, and using the skills of its talented watch making team, it sets about creating the kinds of watches that every collector should think about having.

Ciga Design watches have a reputation for being high quality and for being incredibly precise, something that has helped make it quite a popular piece for those who are more outdoorsy and who are looking for a watch they can take with them everywhere they go. Whether bought brand new or as a second hand piece, these watches are an exceptional thing to own.


A Brief Look at Ciga Design

Ciga is well known for their impeccable approach to watchmaking, and at their headquarters in China, their team works hard to bring unique designs to life. The company is very much focused on satisfying its much younger client base and it easily does this with its watch offerings.

Ciga Design holds onto a great number of patents and it has received wide recognition through various awards and accolades for the watches that it has made. The company might, by its own admission, have started out as a bit of an industry dark horse, but it has certainly earned its spot as one of the world’s finest luxury watch makers.

Today, Ciga Design not only has a wide range of stunning watches, but it also has a global reach, with offices in countries around the world. Although it has only been around since 2012, if you are looking for something a little different, you can probably find it in the Ciga Design collection.   


What makes Ciga Design a fantastic buy?

There are many reasons why buying a Ciga Design watch could be one of the better choices you make when you are looking to own a new luxury timepiece. Not only are these watches a rather attractive thing to look at, and something that will become a bit of an attention grabber, but they are also able to hold onto their value which is something that everyone who collects such luxury pieces should want.

Ciga Design watches are very valuable and if you hold onto yours for long enough, that value will only grow. Should you one day pass it on or sell it, the watch will retain its value and either become something special for a loved one or bring you a handsome return on your investment.

For the first time buyer, a Ciga Design timepiece is a great option and it is equally a fantastic buy if you are looking to just add something different to your luxury watch collection.

Brand new Ciga Design watches can be a little pricey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford one. Second hand Ciga watches are readily available and they can be just as valuable and just as luxurious.


We Buy Ciga Design Watches

TopWatch is one of the biggest buyers of second hand luxury timepieces.  We buy Ciga Design watches and are constantly on the lookout for these exquisite pieces.

Given the nature of these watches, what with their quality materials, their ability to hold onto their value incredibly well, and the fact that they are really quite attractive to look at, these watches are normally a great seller in the second hand watch industry.

If you are looking to sell your Ciga to us, there are some things that we like to do before we make our purchase. Naturally, we only want to buy the best and so this means we have to give each watch a rigorous inspection. We like to give the watch a good once over, ensuring that there is no outside damage that is beyond repair and then we also have a very close look at the inner workings, ensuring that they are still fine-tuned and working smoothly.

To calculate the price, along with doing the inspection, we also take into consideration the make of watch and the age of the watch. We also determine whether or not the watch we are buying is perhaps a limited edition or one that is in short supply.


We Sell Ciga Design Watches

Since we are always on the lookout to buy these sorts of watches, we are naturally also sellers. Second hand Ciga Design watches are a great investment and when bought second hand, at a fairly lower rate than you’d pay if you were buying a brand new piece, these watches tend to be quite a popular piece.

As one of the biggest second hand luxury watch sellers in South Africa, we know how to give our clients the best possible selection of second hand timepieces. Not only do our watches undergo a full inspection, but we also try to sell the watch with its proper paperwork and even its original packaging. Such finishing touches are not just a nice gesture, but they too can add some value to the purchase.

If you should decide that a second hand Ciga Watch is the sort of thing that you’d like to own, buying one from us will guarantee that you get a watch that is worth the money you are spending on it.

For more information, whether you are looking to buy or sell a Ciga Design watch, you can contact us today. 

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