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Sell Your Franck Muller Watch

Is there any watch as visibly iconic as the Franck Muller Watch? Well-known for their quirky designs, their out of this world colour pallets and their dedication to making some of the world’s best watches, Franck Muller is in many ways ahead of their time and as such their watches are highly sought-after.

Franck Muller Watches are easily the most instantly recognisable and as such they are incredibly beautiful to look at and almost certain to become a talking point for those who see you wearing it. The Franck Muller Watch is not just a nice piece to look at, they are also designed using the finest of watchmaking techniques, and that means they are an excellent example of the best kind of luxury watches. Each watch is carefully thought out, from the outside casing with its fabulous designs to its amazingly intricate inner workings, the Franck Muller Watch is a one of a kind, and each is a stunning creation.

Every Franck Muller Watch is designed according to the traditional watchmaking practices, and they are also heavily inspired by the brand’s incredible history. Like many of the world’s best watch designers and manufacturers, the team at Franck Muller have spent years honing their skills and perfecting their approach to watchmaking, which can push up the value of each watch. And since this is a luxury watch brand, you can be sure that the watches are made from the absolute best materials, which again further increases the overall value of the watches available from Franck Muller.

If the Franck Muller Watch suits your specific tastes, then this is one watch that you will never regret buying. For the most part though, a Franck Muller Watch, when bought brand new, is going to be a very pricey investment, but you can work around this by opting for a second hand Franck Muller Watch instead. There are numerous second hand sellers out there, so if you are going down this road, then be sure to do your homework on the seller so that you don’t get robbed of your money.


About Franck Muller

While Franck Muller himself has been in the watchmaking world for a while, his brand was only launched in 1991. And yet in a fairly short time, in watchmaking terms, the company has shot up best seller lists and become highly spoken of in all of the biggest watch and accessory circles.

The company has become a legendary business not just because of the look of its products but also because it is today known for making the world’s most complicated watches. The brand was built in Geneva, Switzerland, and its range of exclusive watches are all made in house and through the combination of boldness and creativity, topped off with some unbelievable watchmaking know-how, owning a Franck Muller is a symbol of status.

Today, Franck Muller has an incredible selection of watches and in the few short years that they have been working in the industry, they have earned themselves numerous accolades and taken home a couple of well-deserved awards.


What makes a Franck Muller Watch a great buy?

These days it is hard to put a price on originality and the Franck Muller Watch has originality in buckets. These are truly among the most unique looking luxury watches in the world and that in itself makes these watches a great buy.

Like all other luxury watches, the Franck Muller Watch should be considered an investment. If you are dedicated to keeping your watch in the very best of conditions, then you can be sure that this watch will be something that you can one day resell and in doing so, you are very likely to get a good chunk of your investment back. This is also a factor that will make your decision to buy a Franck Muller Watch a good one.  

With a Franck Muller Watch, you are not just going to be turning heads but you will also be making a statement, so if you have a fashionable side just waiting to get out, a Franck Muller Watch is the one for you.


We Buy Franck Muller Watches

We buy Franck Muller Watches and have become one of South Africa’s preferred buyers and sellers of the biggest variety of all sorts of luxury watches.

Franck Muller Watches are a stunning accessory, and when you are looking to sell yours to us, there are a number of ways that we work out the price so that you will get the best price for your watch. The Franck Muller Watch is well-known for being able to hold onto its value and so this helps to further add to the appeal of buying such a watch.

When we are working out the best price, we take a couple of things into consideration. The most obvious factors that we need to look at include the outer casing of the watch as well as the inner working mechanisms. We take extra care to look at the overall condition of the piece and we take into consideration any damage that might affect the price.

The age of the watch as well as the model of the watch are also going to affect the price that we are able to offer you.


We Sell Franck Muller Watches

After buying a selection of Franck Muller Watches, we have to sell them, so our webstore always has something interesting in stock, waiting for you to browse. Each watch that we have in stock has been fully examined and is in the best possible condition, which ensures that you will get the best possible watch for your money.

To improve the value of the watch, we try to include the original packaging and any other paperwork, if it is available.

If you are looking to buy a Franck Muller Watch or sell one, you can contact our team today to find out more about the process. 

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