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Sell Your Luxury Graham Watches

In the popular world of luxury watch collecting, the Graham watch stands out as one of the finest watches your money can buy. Graham Watches are well known for their elegant and highly sophisticated designs, and since they are considered to be a part of the luxury watch world, they are made using the finest materials and only the best watch making techniques.

We buy Graham watches and would gladly you if you want to sell your Graham watches.

Graham might not enjoy as much popularity as Rolex or any of the other incredibly famous watch brands, but in its own quiet way, the company has worked its way into the hearts of both watch collectors as well as those who are just being introduced to the incredible world of highly regarded luxury watches. Through its creation of fine watches, the brand has earned a great reputation for itself, and those who choose to buy this sort of watch can be assured that they are buying a timepiece that will hold its value for a lifetime.

And it is not just owning a watch from this brand that will so beneficial to the owner. Should the time come to sell, the watch will reward the seller with a great return on their money spent. Second hand Graham watches are incredibly popular in various luxury watch collecting circles, because they are such a greatly valued item, and when sold second hand, they don’t cost a small fortune.


Brief Graham History

Graham is a proudly independent company and like most of the luxury brand names, they are based in the watchmaking capital of the world, Switzerland. Headed up by a team of phenomenal watchmakers, who boast years of incredible experience, each Graham watch made comes with the highest stamp of approval.

Although perhaps not a household name, Graham is by no means new to the business. Instead, this company has a 400 year old history of watchmaking and although they have a set way of making watches, they do mix their tried and tested techniques with a couple of modern twists to give their watches something a little different, and a little more modern.

The company was founded 1695 in London by Georges Graham, and has since become considered a rare brand, thanks to its long history. The brand has come and gone over the years, as it chops and changes its approach to watch making. Its most recent reinvention dates back to 1993, when the brand was brought back to life by a group of Swiss and British watch experts.

Today the brand is headed up by a forward focused team of watch makers and enlightened business people who have fought hard to keep the business in private hands, rather than sell out to a large parent body. The watches made are elegant and stylish, inspired by a variety of themes and industries. Buyers can get their hands on a watch from the Vintage collection, the Swordfish collection, the Fortress collection, or the Superlight collection. And considering the superior quality of the Graham watches, they are always a great buy.


What makes a Graham watch a fantastic choice?

As one of the oldest watch making companies in the world, Graham watches have history on their side. The reputation that comes from being such an established brand already gives their watches the upper hand over all sorts of younger, less experienced watch brands. The Graham watch is well known for its superior craftsmanship and for the fact that each watch is made from nothing but the best materials available.

Since this brand’s watches hold onto their value really well, it is certainly a worthwhile investment and one that will give the watch owner a great return, should they one day wish to sell their timepiece.


We Buy Graham Watches

TopWatch South Africa buys all types of Graham watches, and considering that this brand does have that rare brand appeal, we are always on the look out to add a couple of Graham’s to our stock list.

Graham watches are incredibly easy to keep in a good condition, and this, along with the reputation of the brand, is part of what makes them valuable pieces. When we are offered a Graham watch to buy from a seller, we first like to give the watch a close look to see that it is in a good condition and to also make sure that it is a genuine timepiece.

When we give the watch a once over, we check for things like bumps and scratches, and we also take a closer look at the inner mechanisms, to ensure that they are still working just as they should. The overall condition of the watch as well as the age and make of the Graham watch will determine the price that we are willing to pay for it.


We Sell Graham Watches

Once we have bought a Graham watch, and we have buffed it into perfection and given it a service, we then sell the watch. Our second hand Graham watches include all kinds of pieces from the brand and given the rarity of some of the watches, they tend to go quite quickly once they become available for sale.

Our Graham watches are sold at a really great price and we try to make sure that the watch is sold with its relevant paperwork, and if possible the original box. This can help to ensure that the watch is an authentic piece, and this in turn will give the watch that extra value that many watch collectors specifically look for.

All of our Graham watches are sold at a price that is far more affordable than the brand new piece would be, and the watches can be bought via the TopWatch website. We deliver our watches to towns and cities throughout the country.

If you are looking to sell your Graham watch, you can get in touch with our team today and we can discuss your watch as well as the price you are hoping to get for it. And if you are looking for a Graham watch for sale, you can have a look at what we have available on our site and then place an order for the watch you want. 

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