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Sell Your IWC Watches

With the luxury watch world full of incredible brands who make the best quality watches, the type that hold their value and tend to last a lifetime when kept in the best condition, IWC stands out from the rest with its innovative approach to watchmaking and its ability to provide its extensive customer base with a range of exceptional watches. For a new watch collector as well as those who have a keen interest in growing their selection of watches, the IWC watch is going to be a fantastic addition.

Like all of the most respected luxury watch making companies out there, IWC has earned its reputation the hard way. Through years of hard work and a steady dedication to providing clients with nothing but the absolute best when it comes to making the kinds of watches that have become known as luxurious, IWC is now ranked as one of those watch brands you should really think about making an investment in. This watch brand caters to both men and women, with a variety of interesting styles and colours to choose from.

IWC pulls its watchmaking inspiration from a variety of things and with the company’s knowledge and watchmaking experience, which comes from over 100 years of working in the industry, each watch is truly a one of a kind piece and something that will be well worth the money that you spend on it.


A Short History of IWC Watches

Unlike many of the watch making companies in the world, IWC is one of those rare brands that boasts a really long history. Not only is this a brand that has been around since 1868 and stood the test of time through all of the various watchmaking developments that the industry has seen over the years, but it is also responsible for various innovations within the industry and has helped to shape the way in which companies are making watches to this day.

Although the company has made its mark and operated out of Switzerland for many years, the brand is actually American. Born and raised by a 27 year old American engineer and watchmaker, Florentine Ariosto Jones, the company still pulls a lot of its inspiration from its origins. In the earliest years of the brands growth, Jones drew on the help offered by Swiss based watchmakers and during his time in Switzerland, the brand was refined and transformed into a luxury brand that it is today.

When the time came for Jones to return to the USA, IWC was taken over by the Rauschenbachs, which was at the time an industrial family from Schaffhausen. In the time since then, the brand has undergone many changes, especially as it has exchanged ownership a couple of times. With each new owner, new developments have taken place and today the brand has numerous fans and is responsible for helping to move the watchmaking world forward. The watches are modern but there are also those that have a more vintage feel, and there is something for everyone.


What makes buying an IWC watch a great choice?

For the watch collector looking for something new and beautiful to add to their growing collection or for someone new to the world of luxury watches, buying an ICW watch is going to be a great choice for a number of reasons. This watch brand is well known for making one of a kind pieces that are designed to function perfectly and to also look incredibly fashionable.

The watches in the IWC collection are designed and made using some of the best watch making techniques and each watch is made by a team of expert watchmakers. With the brands incredibly long history and the fact that it is known for living up to the expectations of its extensive client base, the IWC watch is not only quite popular in the industry but it is also beloved by those who buy it.

As a luxury watch brand, IWC watches are quite expensive when they are bought as a first hand, brand new piece. Should you go down the road of buying a second hand timepiece from this brand, you can avoid those high costs and instead enjoy all of the luxury at half the price.


We Buy IWC Watches

IWC is just one of the many brands that our team at Topwatch is always on the lookout for. We buy IWC watches, to add to our collections, and these watches have proved to be rather popular, not just because they look great but also because they are such a quality piece to own.

IWC watches, when well taken care of, will hold onto their value, and this certainly helps to further ensure that the second hand IWC watch that you buy is going to be well worth the money you end up spending on it.

When we start the process of buying a second hand IWC watch, we like to start by looking at the exterior of the watch before taking a look at the inside as well, determining if the watch is in the best possible condition. All of our watches undergo extensive quality control checks as we only buy the best second hand watches for our clients looking to own one.


We Sell IWC Watches

Along with buying a selection of second hand IWC watches, we also sell them to our client base, which consists of those looking for an affordable second hand luxury watch deal.

We always try to sell the watches with their original packaging, and we determine the price of our watches by taking into consideration the condition of the watch, the age of the watch, and the model of the watch, to name just a few of the many factors that we keep in mind. Our pricing helps our buyers to be sure that they are getting the very best deal for an incredible luxury watch.

If you are looking to buy or sell an IWC watch, you can get in touch with our team by giving us a call or by sending us an email.



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