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Sell Longines Your Watches

For the certain kind of watch collector, the Longines watch is the ultimate statement piece. This watch is beloved by most in the know about luxury watches, and it is partly to do with the incredible designs and manufacturing, and partly to do with the fact that this is a famous brand and one that has been around for long enough to have earned its formidable reputation. With the Longines watch, you can expect to buy a watch that is as beautiful to look at as it is to wear.

Longines watches have been around for a good long while and in the time that this company has been making watches, they have earned a loyal fan base, one that has become hooked to the brand’s dedication to excellence. Each Longines watch is a fine example of luxury watchmaking and given the fact that these watches are such stunning creations, they are not only popular but they are also a sort of financial investment. Every one of the Longines watches has been designed according to both the company and the industry’s very best standards, which is what ensures that each watch from this brand is able to easily meet expectations. The watches are also made with some of the highest quality watchmaking materials, which helps to give the watches that luxury, and highly valuable touch.

The Longines watch is one that you will never regret making the investment in. As such famous watches, they are often quite an expensive buy, especially if you are opting for a brand new watch. Luckily, if you opt for the second hand luxury Longines watch, you can be sure that the watch you buy is in just as great a condition, while also being the far more affordable option available to you. Second hand Longines watches easily hold their value, with just a little bit of maintenance, which means the watch will be in a good as new condition when you receive it.


About Longines Watches

Longines is all about elegance, tradition and performance, and their specific approach to watchmaking began in 1832, making them one of the oldest watchmaking companies on the planet. In the many, many years that the company has been around, it has created a true legacy in the industry and time and again impressed watch fans as well as fellow industry titans.

Today, Longines has outlets in 150 different countries, a massive network of partners and agents, and it still has its headquarters in Switzerland, its country of origin. The company’s Swiss origins certainly adds something special to the brand’s image.

When it comes to the collection, Longines has something for everyone, and with its incredibly long history, it is easy to find the ideal watch to suit your specific tastes. Longines is inventive and creative, a combination that has allowed them to get ahead of their competitors and ensure that the brand continues to enjoy longevity.


What makes Longines watches a good buy?

There are quite a few reasons why the Longines watch is a great buy, and the reasons might apply more to some people than to others. Since they are so popular, we buy Longines watches to add to our collection.

The most obvious reasons why the Longines watch is the perfect option for some is because these watches are an example of the finest type of watchmaking. These watches are in every sense a real luxury to own and this is thanks to the epic watchmaking skills of the team putting these timepieces together. Furthermore, because these watches are made from the best materials and using the finest watchmaking skills, each watch is an incredible investment and something that you will love for as long as you have it.

When looking for a Longines watch, you have the choice of buying a brand new watch or a second hand one, which can be a lot cheaper and as such a more attractive option.

With a Longines watch in your accessory cupboard, you can become a trend setter of sorts and you can lead a more fashionable example to your peers.


We Buy Longines watches

As Topwatch is one of the biggest sellers of second hand luxury watches in South Africa, we are naturally also one of the biggest buyers. Longines watches are one of our more popular watch brands, and as such we are always on the lookout to add stunning second hand Longines watches to our collection of prior owned pieces.

Since the Longines watch is well-known for holding onto its value, it makes this watch a sought-after piece and one that we find sells quite well.

When a client comes to us to sell their Longines watch, we use a number of factors in order to determine that the price that is fair for both parties. The first thing that we look at is obviously the overall condition of the watch. We check both the inner mechanisms and the outer condition of the watch, and determine if there is any damage that will affect the price. The quality of the watch is not the only thing that we consider, as we also take the time to research the model of the watch and whether or not it is a part of a vintage or a limited collection within the Longines watch range.


We Sell Longines Watches

As one of the biggest buyers of these second hand watches, we are also one of the biggest sellers of Longines watch. Each of the luxury watches that we buy is listed on our website and is available for sale at a really affordable price. We go above and beyond to make sure that the watch that we are selling is sold at a great price and we also ensure that the watch is given a complete once over, to guarantee that it is in the best condition for our buyers.

When selling our Longines watches, we always try to include any original packaging and official paperwork, which can add more value to the timepiece.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Longines watch, you can contact our team today to discuss the terms.


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