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Sell Your Montblanc Watches

For the watch collector looking to add some finery to their growing selection of timepiece accessories, adding a Montblanc to their list is always a great idea. These stunning watches, made by a brand with a formidable reputation for excellence, are well known for holding onto their value and they are designed in some of the most fashionable and elaborate designs, making them the perfect choice for the modern man or woman. All of these watches are made using the latest watchmaking techniques as well as those older techniques that have taken years to perfect. The result is a stunning watch that will stand the test of time.

Montblanc watches are made to impress. Their luxury nature and the fact that they go with everything, and will look perfect whether worn outdoors or at the latest boardroom meeting. These watches are the perfect fit and they are also very easy to keep in a great condition, something that helps to ensure that the watch keeps its value for a long time.

Within the Montblanc collection there is something for everyone. From those sleek and stylish watches to those that are a little more rugged, Montblanc has them all, and since each is made using the best materials and techniques, each is considered to be luxurious. While the Montblanc watches are on the upper end of the price scale, if you are looking for a way to own one of these watches  without having to pay out a small fortune you can instead opt for a well-loved second hand timepiece. Most second hand Montblanc watches, when bought from a reputable watch dealer, will be in the best condition and worth every cent you spend.

This proudly Swiss luxury watch brand is the perfect option for the new watch collector as well as for the person looking to grow their watch selection by adding a couple of new luxury pieces.


About Montblanc

The Montblanc has something on its side that most luxury watch companies would love to have, and that is a Swiss heritage. It is generally considered that many of the best watches in the world are made in Switzerland, because this is the one country on earth considered to be the birthplace of the best luxury watches.

The Montblanc brand came to life in 1906 and originally the company focused much of its attention on creating writing tools. Watches were also a part of those early products, but were not necessarily the centre of attention. Over the many years that the company has been around it has in many ways completely changed the way that watches have been made. The company has been responsible for all sorts of innovations which have been used to improve just how luxury watches are made and how they function. The company has also perfected the art of working with leather straps, something that was also a part of the early days of the business. With a Montblanc watch and a Montblanc strap, you will always be fashionable and you will stay ahead of the trends.

When you are looking to invest in a real timeless, luxury watch, you will find that the Montblanc is one of the best watches there is. These watches are more than able to hold onto their incredible value and they are also easy to maintain. When you buy a Montblanc, whether you opt for a brand new one or a second hand one, you can be sure that the money will be well spent and that the investment you make will end up being one that you will never regret.


What Makes Montblanc Watches a Great Buy?

For anyone looking to invest in a luxury watch, the Montblanc name is going to come up. These watches are often featured on the best of lists and this is because these watches are well known for being the absolute best of the best. Each Montblanc watch has been made using the finest of watchmaking techniques and each has been made with the best materials. In all, this makes a Montblanc watch one of the finest you can buy. With all of the effort that goes into the creation of each watch, and the fact that this brand is backed up by a company with an excellent reputation, the watch that you buy will become something that you can one day sell for a high price, or hand down to someone else as a family heirloom.


We Buy Montblanc Watches

At Topwatch we are one of South Africa’s biggest buyers of second hand luxury watches. Buy Montblanc watches and we pay the best prices for these luxury pieces.

When we are looking at buying a new Montblanc watch from a second hand buyer, we take a number of things into consideration to determine the price. Some of the things we look at include the overall condition of the watch, the age and model of the watch and whether or not the watch is considered to be a vintage.


We Sell Montblanc Watches

As we are one of the biggest buyers of second hand Montblanc watches, we are also sellers of these amazing timepieces. The watches can be bought from our website and each watch is guaranteed to have been given a complete service and a thorough once over before they are sold. To determine the price of our second hand luxury watches, we consider the age of the watch, and if it is a vintage piece. As far as possible we also try to include the original paperwork as well as the authentic packaging, something that is not just a nice gesture but which can also improve the value of the watch that you buy.

At Topwatch, we have a wonderful selection of watches for sale and we are always looking for watches to buy. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, you can contact us today to discuss your options or to find out more about what we can do for you.


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