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Sell Your Omega Watch

For the watch collector or anyone who has an interest in buying a watch that is more on the luxurious side, an Omega is a great choice, and it is possibly a watch that you’ve heard of before. That is because Omega watches are an easily accessible brand and one that puts a lot of money into their marketing campaigns to ensure that they reach more people. And although it is a luxury brand that enjoys quite a lot of attention, Omega is affordable and it is a great brand for a first time buyer and the collector alike.

Omega Watches have been around for a while and in the time that they have been manufactured and offered to the public, they have become incredibly popular. These watches have a lot of appeal and it is not just because of their price tag. Each Omega watch is made from a high-quality material and each is put together using the very best techniques. When you buy an Omega, you can be sure that you will be receiving a watch that is going to meet your expectations and become a beloved and much treasured timepiece for years to come.

Omega watches boast a wide range of timepieces for men and women. As a household brand with a fantastic reputation, Omega watches are worth the money spent. These watches, even when bought second hand, are going to blow you away while also becoming a great investment. And even though Omega is considered a luxury brand, these watches are quite easy to keep well maintained and fully functional, no matter how much you pressure you put them under.


About Omega Watches

Although Omega watches are, when compared to other watch brands, considered to be the more affordable luxury watch choice, the company is one of the oldest watch making brands in the world. These watches have a historical background dating back to 1848 and in the time since then it has created a formidable range of one of a kind watches and garnered a legion of loyal fans consisting of a group of celebrities, some of who have been invited to share their preferred watch choice with the world.

Omega’s history is very similar to other luxury watch brands, and they have been responsible for pioneering plenty of watch making techniques as well as inventing a whole new watch style. Today the brand has a wide range of exceptional timepieces and the selections are divided into options suitable for men and options that are more suitable for women. Each watch is the result of years of watch development and each watch is a reflection of the hard work that has gone into creating that perfect timepiece.

These watches are a ideal first hand buy, but they make an even better choice when it comes to selecting a second hand luxury timepiece. 


What makes an Omega Watch a Great Buy?

Overall, the Omega watch is a fantastic choice for just about anyone wanting to buy a luxury watch that will last a lifetime while not breaking the bank. Although this is a luxury brand, its watches are not for sale at those huge luxury watch prices that tend to cost a small fortune. Each Omega watch is beautifully made and each is guaranteed to work like a dream. An Omega watch is stunning to look at and will almost certainly become the one watch that you will treasure forever.

If you are looking for a brand new Omega watch or if you are quite happy opting for a second hand piece, this is a great brand to invest in. With such a diverse range of watches, when you are buying one from Omega, you will have a wonderful range of watches to choose from, which will make it easy to select one that suits your personality as well as your clothing.


We Buy Omega Watches

At Topwatch, we have fast become one of South Africa’s biggest and most popular buyers of all types of second hand watches. We specialise in buying the world’s most luxurious and sought after watches, and each watch we invest in is carefully chosen, to ensure that the watch is in the best possible condition for our luxury watch buying clientele.

An Omega watch is one that can easily keep its value and it is also a watch that is quite easy to take good care of. This value factor and the fact that it is a low maintenance investment, makes it perfect for the new watch collector. We buy Omega watches for our collection and take a few factors into consideration during the process. For starters, we look at the overall condition of the watch. We look for bumps and scratches, and any other damage the watch might have. Our team of experts also examines the inner workings of the watch, again to ensure that the watch is in perfect working order.


We Sell Omega Watches

As we keep a wide range of Omega watches for sale in our luxury watch shop, we have fast become one of the biggest sellers of this brand in the country. Our extensive client base is always looking for something new to add to their growing collections, and as such we like to provide them with a vast selection of options, all available at the best prices.

And to determine the prices of our second hand watches we take a look at the overall condition of the watch, the age of the watch, the model of the watch and we consider whether or not the watch is a part of a vintage range, or if it is a limited edition. The Omega watches that we have for sale are all available via our website and we offer nationwide delivery.

Whether you are looking to sell your Omega watch or if you are looking to buy a second hand one, we can assist you. Contact us today to discuss your buy or your sale. 

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