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Sell Your Patek Philippe Watch

Nothing quite says style and sophistication like a Patek Philippe watch. These incredible timepieces are quite fashionable and they are quite easily recognisable, which is most certainly a part of the appeal. A Patek Philippe watch is going to be one of your more stylish investments and considering the brand’s famous background, you will have no problem selling it one day, should you wish to.

Patek Philippe watches are proudly Swiss made, and that alone gives them that luxury stamp of approval that so many look for when buying such a watch. Using a superior set of skills and only the best materials, each Patek Philippe watch is a work of art and something that can quickly become a much-beloved accessory. To create their pieces, the brand also leans heavily on its fantastic reputation.

Owning a Patek Philippe watch is certainly something of a status symbol. Patek Philippe is a well-respected company and in watch circles it is brand that is not only much appreciated, but which is also often revered for its dedication to innovation and only ever manufacturing watches that are in many ways a one of a kind.

With such a formidable collection of luxury watches, and a history spanning a century, owning a Patek Philippe watch is much like making a sound financial investment. These watches are more than capable of holding onto their value and this means that should you one day wish to pass the watch on, or sell it, you will easily be getting your money back.


About Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe takes a lot of pride in being an innovative brand. Having been launched in 1839, the company has enjoyed a long history. Based in Geneva, its team has full freedom to be creative and with their designs and their approach to development, they fast gained the reputation of being the world’s finest watchmaking business.

The result of their approach to innovative watch making has been a great selection of patents that have helped to almost completely revolutionise the way in which watches are made.

And unlike many other watchmakers out there, Patek Philippe has not been bought out by another company. Instead, they remain an independent business and this is what allows them to carry on with their commitment to innovation.

Today, this brand is still making big waves and what’s more is that along with their newer designs, thanks to their history they also have a great number of vintage pieces.


What makes buying a Patek Philippe watch such a great choice?

Becoming the proud owner of a Patek Philippe watch is about so much more than owning something incredibly fashionable. Such a luxury item, and one that is more than capable of holding its value, means that when you make your purchase you are putting your money into a great investment. These watches don’t easily break and they are quite difficult to damage, so when you buy such a watch, you can be sure that you will own it for a lifetime.

As we’ve mentioned, considering the incredible value of such a timepiece, not only will you have a watch that you could possibly own forever, but you will also have something that could see you get your money back in years to come.

The Patek Philippe watch is a great first time buy, and when bought second hand they will cost you a fraction of the first hand price while you will still be getting your money’s worth.


We Buy Patek Philippe Watches

At TopWatch South Africa, we buy Patek Philippe watches along with a wide selection of other luxury watches.

As our catalogue of watches tends to move quite quickly, especially when we stock something a little more limited or rare like a Patek Philippe, we are always on the lookout for new watches from this particular brand.

Patek Philippe watches are incredibly beautiful and they are designed to go quite easily with any outfit and any occasion, making them a great option for business people and those who enjoy the great outdoors alike.

When we buy a Patek Philippe watch, we go to great lengths to ensure that we get the sort of watch that our buyers are looking for, while we also like to make sure that the seller gets a good price for their piece. Before we make a purchase, we take the time to give the watch a full inspection, looking at each and every aspect of the watch to make sure that it is not only in a great condition in terms of its inner mechanisms but also in terms of its appearance. Some scratches and dents can be fixed while others can’t, and so will have an effect on the overall buying price.

We use the information from our inspection along with the age of the watch, the model of the watch, and the usual going price, to determine the price that we are willing to pay.


We Sell Patek Philippe Watches

Just as we buy all sorts of Patek Philippe watches, we also sell them via our website. With our second hand collection of Patek Philippe watches, our customers can get their hands on an exceptional luxury watch that will cost less than the original watch price.

Each of the watches that we have available have been given a complete inspection and are guaranteed to be in a great condition. Our selection of watches look new and are in perfect working order, making them a wonderful addition to any collection. When we sell our watches, we try to sell them with the right paperwork and we even try to source the original box. This adds further value to the timepiece.

We deliver luxury watches to towns and cities throughout South Africa and if you’d like to buy a watch or sell one, you can get in touch with us to discuss the finer details.


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