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Sell Your Richard Mille Watches

Who doesn’t love a luxury watch with a little history and a lot of personality? The Richard Mille watch is up there with the best of the best timepieces and the ever-growing collection is something that attracts a lot of attention from both the savvy watch collector who already boasts a gorgeous selection of stunning pieces to the wannabe collector, who is just getting started, to the everyday luxury watch buyer who is looking for a single new beautiful watch to call their own.

Richard Mille watches are in every way a work of art. These watches are designed to blow the wearer away and since each is made from some of the industry’s best materials, each piece is so much more than just an accessory, they are an investment. Richard Mille watches come in a wide variety which includes a couple of vintage pieces, watches for men and also watches for women. As far as luxury watches are concerned, the Richard Mille with its Swiss heritage is a real one of a kind.


About Richard Mille Watches

The Richard Mille Watch Company takes a lot of pride in creating watches inspired by the wonderful world of racing. Among the collection of watches available from this brand, you’ll find stunning vintage collectables, as well as incredibly modern and fashionable designs that could almost be called futuristic.

Unlike many of the industry’s Swiss timepieces, Richard Mille watches don't enjoy a long history but even though they are a young brand, by industry standards, they are among the most luxurious watches on the market.

The Richard Mille brand was first launched in 2001, by Richard Mille himself, and in the brief time since then, these watches have made a formidable name for themselves and each watch that is sold is a valuable investment for one lucky person.

The main goal of the brand right from the get-go was to create a high-end luxury watch collection that would suit the luxury watch business as well as all of the changing nature of the industry. Not only does the brand go out of its way to introduce new and interesting watches to its collections, but it also takes a more unconventional approach to its advertising, which helps them to make that extra impact and attract those who will be interested in owning such a piece.

The first watch to be introduced to the Richard Mille watch brand was the RM 001 Tourbillon and after decades of industry experience, the watch collections have only grown in value since then.


What makes a Richard Mille watch a Good Buy?

As far as luxury watches are concerned, the Richard Mille watch is one of the better investments that you can make. The watch collections include unique and much-loved vintage pieces as well as trend-setting modern designs, but one thing remains true about all of the Richard Mille watches for sale, and that is quality.

Each watch is well-known for being made using innovative techniques, while also being guided by the watch company’s owner, who has a fascination with racing cars and technology. These passions seep into the creation of the watches and when you opt for a Richard Mille watch, you won’t regret your decision for several reasons.

Firstly, much like every watch that makes the luxury cut, the Richard Mille watch is guaranteed to be a great financial investment, meaning if you want to sell your watch one day, you’ll get a good return on your investment.

Secondly, the watch will be something to love. These watches suit a particular style and they are timeless which means no matter how long you have the watch it will always be in fashion.

When you are on the lookout to buy a Richard Mille watch, you will have the option of purchasing a brand new watch or you can save some money and buy a second hand timepiece, without having to compromise on the quality of the watch that you are considering.


We Buy Richard Mille watches

We buy Richard Mille watches, along with a variety of luxury watch brands.

These watches are right up there amongst our very best sellers, and as such, we like to add to our collection by buying second hand Richard Mille watches that fit our buying criteria.

When someone comes to us to sell their Richard Mille watch, there are a couple of things that we look for before we buy it. As a second hand watch, we expect there to be some bumps and scratches, but we know that those can normally be worked out unless the damage is beyond repair. Along with looking at the exterior of the watch, we also look at the inner workings. The price is also partly determined by the model of the watch as well as the age of the watch.


We Sell Richard Mille watches

We sell a wide range of second hand luxury watches, including the Richard Mille watch. Our range of these watches changes as the watches move out of the shop, but there is generally something in stock for you to have a look at if this is the sort of watch that fits your style and your expectations.

Our Richard Mille watches for sale have affordable prices, and to improve the value of the watch for sale, we try to include any of the original paperwork or packaging, should it be available. Our watch prices are determined by more than just the brand, as we also factor in the condition of the watch as well as whether or not the watch is a part of a limited or vintage collection.

Whether you have an eye on a Richard Mille watch or you want to sell one, you can get in touch with our team today to find out more about the process. 

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