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Sell Your Rolex Watch

The Rolex watch is the epitome of sophistication and it is the one brand that is on just about every watch collector’s must buy list. Rolex is not just a world famous brand because it is has that fantastic reputation. These watches are manufactured with the most luxurious metals and precious gems, making them highly valuable, one of a kind pieces. That is why we buy Rolex watches.

Rolex certainly doesn’t need much of an introduction. When it comes to watch making and luxury watches in particular, Rolex is the one name that generally comes to mind. These watches have an outstanding history and they are the go to brand for most watch collectors. Inspired by all sorts of things, the Rolex is well known for being bold and eye catching, and dainty or elegant. But regardless of the one that you choose, precision is a guarantee.

Rolex watches can be bought as new or used timepieces, but regardless of the option you choose, you can be sure that you will become the owner of an absolutely timeless accessory.

We will guide you through the process if you’re looking for a Rolex watch buyer in South Africa.


A Brief Bit of Rolex History

This luxury watch brand was brought to life by its founder Hans Wilsdorf in 1905. Aged just 24, his business was launched in London, with the main focus being the distribution of watches. But soon after the company was founded, he decided that he wanted to create his very own selection of stunning watches. At the time that the company was created, wristwatches were not exactly known for their precision or their accuracy, but Wilsdorf could see that one day these kinds of watches would be a big deal, and so he decided to create watches that were not only elegant but reliable.

From the earliest years of the brand being launched, innovation has been their key goal. Realising that watches would need to become reliable in order to convince the customer to buy them, Rolex decided to source the popular Swiss made inner components when manufacturing their watches. The brand then moved to Geneva, in order to be closer to the watch making masters, and ever since they have been creating the most magnificent watches.

Rolex watches come in one of the widest collections. Made for both men and women, Rolex watches might be one of the most expensive watches on the planet, but they are worth every cent you spend.


What makes a Rolex Watch a Good Choice?

Rolex watches are the height of watch luxury. For those who are knowledgeable about watches and who are well informed about what makes a watch like this such a fantastic buy, the Rolex is going to tick all of the boxes, from the inner mechanisms to the absolutely stunning designs.

But it is not just the incredible design and inner workings that make the Rolex watch such a perfect buy. These watches are manufactured using the best techniques and the best materials, which add to the watch’s incredible value. This means that should your Rolex become a family heirloom or should you want to sell it one day, the watch will still be worth a small fortune, so long as you make sure that the watch is kept in a good condition. 


We Buy Rolex Watches  

Topwatch South Africa has become one of the continent’s biggest buyers and sellers of Rolex watches. We are always interested in adding to our existing collection of new and used Rolex watches. As a luxury brand that is always worth the money, the Rolex can hold its value really well, even when sold second hand.

When our clients come to us with a Rolex watch that they wish to sell, we always strive to make sure that we are able to give them a fair price, while at the same time making sure that the watch we buy is nothing but the best.

We carefully inspect the watch and put it through a quality test to ensure that the inner workings are precise and functioning as they should, and we also inspect the overall look of the watch to ensure that the watch is in a good condition.

Should you be in a position to where you’re thinking: “I want to sell my Rolex watch”, we are always looking to buy. Get in contact with us today and let’s discuss your watch.

Rolex watches are one of our biggest sales items, because of their immense popularity. Just like our other watch collections, our Rolex range is constantly changing as we replace the stock that we sell.

When buying Rolex watches, we aim to make sure that the watches we buy come with all of the necessary paper work proving that the watch is an authentic timepiece rather that a cheap knock off. Having this paper work will certainly increase the value of the watch you buy.

Our Rolex collection can be bought directly from our website and delivered to towns and cities throughout South Africa. In our extensive range, you will find the perfect luxury watch to suit your specific needs as well as your particular preferences.

As we are selling second hand luxury watches, we sell our designer pieces at the kinds of prices that are far more affordable than those brand new watches on the market. When we determine the previously owned price, we take various factors into consideration such as the age of the watch, the model of the watch, and the condition of the watch.

Should you want to add a second hand Rolex watch to your collection, you can have a look through our extensive range and then either start the buying process or you can contact our team to have a chat with us.

Topwatch offers Rolex watches for sale after buying them and we aim to give our clients the best possible service.

For more information about how you can sell your Rolex watch, contact us today via our website or by giving us a call. 

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