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Sell Your Rotary Watch

The luxury watch making world boasts some of the finest examples of fashionable accessories and top of the line ingenuity. For a watch to fall into this category, it needs to meet a few criteria as well as expectations from the buyer. These watches are not your everyday kind of buy and for a very good reason; any luxury watch is a piece of high end excellence and the result of hard work, creativity, innovation and history.

Rotary watches might not be on your radar because they are not a household name. But for those who are in the know about luxury watch brands, the name is more than familiar because it is such an exceptional brand. Rotary watches are a great addition to any watch collection. Each watch is made from the very best materials and each is renowned for being high-quality and made to stand the test of time. The company has a reputation that spans a century and it has amassed a fantastic collection of timepieces as well as a legion of faithful fans.

Those who buy a luxury Rotary watch are not only going to be able to enjoy the value of having such a piece in the now, but because of the brand’s reputation and because of the quality of the watches being produced, should a buyer wish to one day sell their watch, they are almost certain to get their money back, so long as the watch is in a great condition. Second hand Rotary watches are highly sought after and as second hand pieces, they are often bought at a fraction of the original price, something that adds to the desirability.


About Rotary Watches

The Rotary Watch company has a long history, one dating back more than 120 years. The company has Swiss roots and was founded by the Swiss watchmaker Moise Dreyfuss. In the many years that the company has been making watches, the company has been passed down from one generation to the next, ensuring that it stays in the hands of the family of the founder.

Rotary is greatly inspired by its Swiss heritage as well as its past, which is what has given the brand’s collection that distinctive vintage look that has become increasingly popular. The entire collection is a fine example of the best kind of watch making ingenuity and those who buy one of these watches can be sure to get a timepiece that is a remarkable example of history and how it has influenced fashion.

Each watch in the brand is marked by the legendary winged logo, which is partly what makes the Rotary distinctive from other luxury watches.

Along with making watches, the company has also been responsible for creating innovative inner working mechanisms.  Today, Rotary has offices all over the world and continues to sell watches to its extensive client base.


What makes a Rotary Watch a great buy?

The reason why so many people choose to own a Rotary watch has to do with the quality of the watch and the fact that it is well known for its durability. These watches also have a reputation for being incredibly beautiful, with many of the designs being state of the art. The brand’s watches are available in a wide range of colours and this makes them easy to customise with your outfit.

Whether you are looking at buying a luxury watch for the first time or if you are keen on adding to your collection, you are looking at a worthwhile brand. Rotary watches are easy to budget for, especially if what you are looking for is a second hand timepiece.


We Buy Rotary Watches

At Topwatch South Africa, we buy Rotary luxury watches.

We consider Rotary watches a great investment and we are always on the lookout for new watches from this brand to add to our growing collection. Rotary watches hold onto their value well and they are easy to keep in a great condition.

When we are looking at buying a second hand Rotary watch, we consider a couple of factors to make sure that we are able to pay the seller a really good price for their watch while getting a quality timepiece in return.

There are a couple of factors that we keep in mind when we are buying a watch. Each factor is going to determine the price that we pay for the watch and so we go over each very carefully. When we look at buying a second hand Rotary watch we have a close look at the condition of the watch, both inside and out, to make sure that the watch has been well taken care of. To do this, we often run a couple of quality control tests.

Exterior damage can often be fixed easily, by being buffed or polished out, while problems with the internal mechanisms can be a little more difficult to fix, and this will affect the price.


We Sell Rotary Watches

Rotary watches are just one brand that can be bought from our extensive collection of luxury watches that we have for sale. We only sell the highest quality second hand Rotary watches and because they are a second hand buy, they tend to sell at a price that is much less than the usual amount.

When we sell a second hand Rotary watch, we try to sell the watch with the right paperwork and in the original box, if it is possible. This can greatly improve the overall value of the watch and it also helps to ensure that the watch is in fact an authentic Rotary.

Our Rotary watches are fully inspected and so the buyer is guaranteed to get a watch that is an original piece.

Like our other second hand luxury watches, each of our Rotary watches can be bought via our website and we deliver throughout the country. If you are looking to buy or sell a Rotary Watch, you can get in touch with us today. 

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