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Sell Your Seiko Watch

Of all of the many luxury watches you can add to your growing collection, the Seiko watch is a fine choice. Designed to look stylish and well-known for its high quality and the fact that it will just keep going on and on, the Seiko watch is one of those timepieces that every collector, whether they are just starting out their watch collection, or if they have a pretty impressive collection already, should invest in.

Seiko watches have quite the formidable reputation in the luxury watch world, and with their incredible heritage which has its roots firmly in Japan, a country that is well known for making precise time keeping pieces, it is easy to see why so many love this watch brand. The company is able to lean on its reputation as well as its experience and its skill, in order to continue to meet the standards and expectations of those wanting to invest in a Seiko watch.

But it is not just the buyer who can benefit from getting their hands on a watch from such a fantastic brand. Those who already own a Seiko and who are looking to sell, can be certain that they will get a great price for their piece. Second hand Seiko watches are great sellers, especially if the watch is in a really good condition.


Some Seiko Background

Seiko has become rather well known for being cutting edge innovators in the watch making world. They have become famous for their creation of one of the world’s first automatic chronographs and their diving watch collection remains one of the best in the world.

The company is based in Tokyo and has been producing watches since 1960. As one of the world’s best mechanical wristwatch manufacturers, they have kept their brand unique and rare by only producing a few of their more famous Grand Seiko watches each year.

What makes the Seiko watch a great thing to own is not just the incredible brand name attached to it, but the fact that it is one of the brands that has become synonymous with superior quality. The Seiko watch is designed to look incredibly elegant and the streamline look of the watch gives it that touch of sportiness that has become so popular.

Seiko manufactures watches to suit all tastes and styles, and along with having an array of really pricey luxury pieces, it also has a selection of watches that are cheaper and thus easily budgeted for. The Seiko watch comes in a range of different colours, both on the watch face as well as the watch strap, and while all of the designs are chic and elegant, each is quite different from the next.


What makes a Seiko watch a good choice?

Every watch that is manufactured under the Seiko name is both a high-quality piece and it is extremely attractive. These watches are known for their precision and they come from a brand that prides itself on being innovative and detail driven. For the first time buyer, this is a great brand to get your first luxury watch from, because it is well-worth the money and it is known for holding its value really well.

Seiko watches, while still quite expensive, are not so out of range of the average budget and there is always the option of buying a second hand piece should you not want to overspend on your Seiko.


We buy Seiko Watches

We buy Seiko watches and are one of South Africa’s leading second hand watch buyers.

We are always on the hunt for watches from this amazing brand, because these watches are more than able to hold onto their value for a really long time and they are easy to keep in a great condition. When we are looking at a Seiko watch to buy, we make sure that we take a close look at the watch, to see that it has been kept in a good enough condition to resell. We put the watch through a few of our quality control tests to ensure that the watch that we buy is in the best possible condition.

When we check the watch, we not only look at the outside of the piece, but we also give the inner mechanisms a look at, as this is where some of the more valuable parts of the watch can be found. While scratches and marks are not always nice to see, they can be buffed out. Damaged or broken inner parts, on the other hand, are harder to fix.


We Sell Seiko Watches

Seeing that we are always on the lookout for a good quality Seiko watch to buy, we are also selling the timepieces that we get. As one of the biggest second hand luxury watch sellers in South Africa, Seiko watches make up a big part of our stock and we only sell the best quality Seiko watches.

Our Seiko watches are always changing, as the watches we get come and go rather quickly. We do like to make sure that any Seiko watch we sell is sold with the right sort of paperwork, and if possible, the original box or packaging. This helps to prove the authenticity of the watch which can in turn, give the watch more value.

We also make sure that our Seiko watches are sold at a reasonable price, which is often a lot cheaper than the original timepiece. The watches that we sell have been given a complete check to ensure that they are in a good condition and are an original piece.

All of our Seiko watches can be bought via our website and we are able to deliver the watch to wherever you are in South Africa.  

Should you be looking to buy or sell your Seiko watch, you can get in touch with the Topwatch team today. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and we can assist you in getting the very best price for your piece. You can contact us via our website or you can give us a quick call. 

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