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Sell Your Tudor Watches

A watch made for royalty and coming from the famous watchmaking country of Switzerland, a Tudor watch is the epitome of luxury and with the amazing selection of watches from this brand, you can find something to love. Tudor watches are known for their sporty edge but they are just as suitable for those who are looking for something that will go with their everyday attire.

Tudor watches have an incredible reputation, and this, along with the fact that these watches are a high quality kind of buy, makes owning a Tudor watch something really special, whether you have been collecting luxury watches for a while or if you are looking to launch your watch collecting hobby with a great watch brand. Tudor watches are sleek and absolutely beautiful. A lot of thought has gone into their design, so they definitely have a distinguishable look.

Tudor watches have taken a lot of inspiration from the Navy, and the French Navy in particular. Each watch is functionally perfect and although the company might not have a history that is as long or as diverse as other luxury brands, because the company has put a lot of their focus into creating a few perfect, signature pieces, that alone is what makes owning a Tudor watch a must for any avid watch collector.


A Bit about Tudor

The company has a history that is almost 100 years old, and as mentioned a lot of its inspiration comes from its naval connections. Since the very start, the company has dedicated most of its time and attention to its craftsmanship as well as the precision of the watches inner workings. Not a single Tudor watch is anything less than a work of art and each piece of each watch has been carefully thought out.

Originally, Tudor was a sister company to the world-famous Rolex brand, but as it gained a reputation for itself outside of its family ties, the company has been able to earn its own set of fans which has in turn led to the company really making its mark on the world. Over the years that the company has been in operation, it has been responsible for many exceptional collections that have become standalone client favourites. One collection that stands out in particular is the Black Bay collection, which features some incredible diving watches as well as watches that take into consideration the wrist size. 

Tudor makes exceptional watches for both men and women and all of their watches are designed to be elegant and absolutely beautiful. A Tudor is a great watch to add to your collection, and if the price is your biggest concern, you can always opt for a second hand piece.


Why is owning a Tudor watch a fantastic choice?

The absolute beauty of these watches as well as the fact that they are designed by expert watchmakers and are guaranteed to last a lifetime makes owning a Tudor watch a great choice for novice collectors as well as those who are really serious about collecting the finest luxury watches.

When you buy a Tudor watch, you are investing in a timepiece that you can own for a lifetime or which you can sell. Tudor watches are known to go above and beyond client expectations and so when you buy a new Tudor watch it will absolutely live up to your hopes, so long as you make sure that you buy the kind of watch you actually want.

First hand Tudor watches can be a bit on the pricey side, since they are luxury pieces and since they are directly related to the Rolex brand. If you don’t want to pay those first hand prices, you can instead think about buying a second hand timepiece.


We Buy Tudor Watches

Topwatch is one of South Africa’s biggest buyers of Tudor watches and we are always looking to add to our growing Tudor selection. Tudor is a very popular brand of watches and their particular style and the fact that they are perfectly suitable for all occasion’s means these watches are always easily sold via our shop.

It is not just the look of the watches that has made them such a desirable brand, but the fact that these watches are fully functional and exceptionally precise has further made each Tudor timepiece something that every watch collector might like to add to their luxury accessory collection. With a Tudor watch, even a second hand buy will prove to be a great choice.

Whenever we are given the option of buying a Tudor watch, we take great care to ensure that the watch we are considering is in an excellent condition and will be worth the money spent on it. We examine both the exterior of the watch as well as the interior, to be sure that the watch is in the best possible condition.


We Sell Tudor Watches

Along with buying all sorts of Tudor watches, we also sell our second hand buys to those looking for an affordable luxury watch. We authenticate each piece, so that our clients can be certain that they are buying a genuine Tudor watch.

We also do all that we can to determine a fair price for those looking to buy a second hand Tudor watch from us. The price is determined using a number of factors which include the model of the watch, the year in which the watch was made, the overall condition of the watch, and whether or not the watch is a part of one of the rare Tudor collections or limited conditions.

Furthermore, we also like to include the original box and relevant paperwork with the watch, if it is possible. This helps to further prove that the watch you have bought is in fact the original piece, while it also helps to make the watch a little more valuable.

At Topwatch we sell and buy Tudor watches and you can contact us today to find out more about the process.



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