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Sell Your TW Steel Watch

Over the years that TW Steel has been in the watch making business, they have fast exceeded expectations and grown to become a well-known name in the luxury watch world. Known for their good looks and for their high-quality appeal, a TW Steel watch is the kind of timepiece that is guaranteed to stand the test of time and that is largely what makes it quite the sort after accessory.

TW Steel Watches have a great reputation and a lot of that reputation comes from their fascinating background which they to this day still draw quite a lot of inspiration from. The company has a pretty fantastic watch making heritage and with their superior skills and their unforgettable designs, the TW Steel watch is now one that is spoken of quite highly in most watch making circles.

As with most luxury watch making brands, TW Steel is one company that is immensely talented and quite staunch about only using the best materials the industry has to offer. For those who choose to buy a brand new TW Steel watch, they can be assured that their investment will stand the test of time and, should they wish to sell their luxury timepiece one day, they will almost certainly get a great price for it.

And for those happy to buy a second hand timepiece from this particular brand, given the luxury nature of the watch, they can expect to pay a great price for a great investment.


A Short Look at TW Steel’s Background

TW Steel is very much a watch for the kind of person who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, getting stuck into all sorts of fun activities like hiking and diving. The company is the brainchild of Jordy Cobelens, a rather fearless entrepreneur who has become quite a force in the watch making world. As an entrepreneur he has pushed the company onto the global stage and with his enthusiasm for the industry and for his company, he has become well-known figure.

The company was founded alongside Jordy’s father, Ton, who is the creative marketing mind.

A Dutch brand with a presence that is felt across the world, TW Steel has gained a dedicated following and is today the go-to brand for many watch buyers looking for something that is durable, and modern in design. This watch brand has created a number of interesting, immensely precise timepieces and has time and again appeared on award line ups and must buy lists. For those who want to make a real statement with their style, a watch from this brand is definitely a great choice.


What makes TW Steel a good choice?

Buying a luxury watch is about so much more than just choosing a good looking accessory. Since it is a luxury item, it can become a great financial investment, so long as it is kept in a pristine condition. What makes a TW Steel watch such a great buy is the fact that the watches coming out of this shop are designed using the finest quality materials and the best designs.

This, along with the popularity of the brand, means the watch that you buy is going to hold onto its value, whether you choose to hand it down to someone else one day or if you should choose to sell it.

A TW Steel watch is an excellent choice for the first time buyers as well as for someone who is already in the watch collecting world and is looking to expand on what they already have in their collection. These watches are a great buy, especially because although they are a luxury piece, they don’t come with that formidable price tag.


We Buy TW Steel Watches

At TopWatch South Africa, we stock a wide range of second hand luxury watches, and as such we buy TW Steel watches.

Since these are such luxury pieces, and since they are a really nice thing to look at, we are always on the lookout to add more TW Steel watches to our growing second hand watch catalogue. These watches in particular are quite fashionable and they are also quite innovative and precise, which is exactly the kind of elements that a second hand luxury watch buyer will want from such a timepiece.

When we buy TW Steel watches, we have to make sure that we are making a wise investment, since these watches will be resold to our client base. We give each watch a complete inspection and look at things like the overall condition of the watch, whether or not it has outer damage, and we also inspect the inner mechanisms. To work out a fair price, we use this information as well as the age and the model of the watch.


We Sell TW Steel Watches

After going through the process of finding and buying TW Steel watches, we add them to our second hand watch collections and sell them to those clients who’d like to own one of these incredible pieces but who don’t want to have to pay out the sometimes expensive prices that are attached to the brand new watches.

The second hand TW Steel watches that are available on our website have been thoroughly examined and are in a great condition. Along with only selling second hand watches that look just about brand new and which are in perfect working condition, we also try to source the original paperwork for the watch. If possible, we also try to get the watch with its original box, something which just adds that extra special touch to a second hand buy like this.

You can be sure that when you buy a second hand TW Steel watch from us, you are getting the real deal.

All of our second hand watches can be bought directly via our website and we deliver throughout South Africa. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a TW Steel watch, you can get in touch with us for more information. 

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