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Sell Your U-Boat Watch

Often linked to the world of athletics and racing, U-Boat watches, while quite luxurious, are made to perform in high stress situations and they have that streamlined look that appeals to many a watch owner looking for something that is a good mix of sophistication and rugged outdoors. U-Boat watches are a great piece to own, whether you are new to collecting watches or if you are someone who has been collecting for a while and is now looking for something interesting.

U-Boat watches might at first glance not look as though they belong to the luxury watch industry. For starters, the brand is not marketed as the most expensive timepiece one can own, and secondly, these watches do seem to be a lot more accessible and can many times be bought in high-end retail stores. In watch making and watch collecting circles, U-Boat watches are highly sought after buys. They are made according to the highest industry standards and they are well-known for being able to hold onto their value for as long as they are stored correctly and kept properly maintained.

Not only do those who buy a watch from this brand enjoy many, many years, one could even say a lifetime, with the timepiece, but those who choose to one day sell the watch will be almost guaranteed to get their investment back. Second hand U-Boat watches remain quite popular in the watchmaking industry, and even more so when they can be bought at a much more affordable rate.


A Bit of U-Boat Background

While other luxury watch making companies get to show off their Swiss credentials, whether it is their current base of operation or the place of their origins, U-Boat is a proudly Italian brand. And nowhere is that more clearly seen than in the design and look of some of the U-Boat watches available.

U-Boat dates back to 1942 and originally it was a brand that was commissioned to create watches exclusively for the Italian Navy. U-Boat was commissioned to make highly precise watches that would meet the needs of the pilots, and those other members of the Navy, who would need such a watch.

Initially the watches were designed to be incredibly robust, to be used efficiently in rough environments without the watch structure or the inner mechanisms suffering irreparable damage. As such U-Boat watches not only have an incredibly distinctive design, but they are also easy to read and they are waterproof.

By the year 2000, the company was in the hands of the original founder’s grandson, who rediscovered the company’s original designs and was inspired to take the company in a new direction, but one that was influenced by these early watch designs. These days, the U-Boat watch can be bought all over the world, and with the option of buying a second hand U-Boat watch, anyone can afford to add a U-Boat watch to their collection.


What makes a U-Boat watch a great option?

There is no doubt that U-Boat watches have the sort of reputation that alone makes buying a watch from this brand a great choice. The watches hold onto their value really easily, so long as they are well maintained, and the watches are also rather resistant to damage, which for the more active person is certainly a big plus.

U-Boat watches are made from high-quality materials, using the latest in watchmaking techniques while also influenced by some of the best watch designs. This means that these watches are guaranteed to not only give you a lifetime of great use but they will also be a valuable item should you choose to sell it down the line.


We Buy U-Boat Watches

At TopWatch South Africa, we buy U-Boat watches along with a range of other luxury brands. We are always ready and able to buy U-Boat watches to grow our second hand luxury watch collection, and we buy both rare U-Boat watches as well as the more modern types.

When a seller comes to us, we take a number of factors into consideration. We look for things like the age of the watch, the type of watch, as well as the overall condition of the watch. We take a look at the casing and the strap, to determine if the watch is scratched or bumped in places, and whether nor not the scuffs can be fixed. We then take a look at the inner mechanisms of the watch, to make sure that the watch is in a good enough condition to resell. We only buy the U-Boat watches that are valuable and will still have that luxury look and feel when bought second hand.


We Sell U-Boat Watches

When we have bought a U-Boat watch, the next step is to sell it, either on our website or directly to the client who has been looking for one just like it. The watches are given a good service before they are sold and, as they are on the more affordable side, they tend to sell out quite fast.

U-Boat watches are most valuable when they are sold with all the right sorts of paperwork as well as the original packaging. This helps to confirm that the watch is indeed an original piece. While the U-Boat watch is one that is more on the rough and rugged side, in terms of looks, it is the sort of watch that will suit a boardroom as well as a surf board.

Each of our U-Boat watches is sold at a really affordable price, especially when compared to those new watch prices, and can be bought from our website, by placing a quick order and making a payment. The watch can be delivered to just about any town or city in the country.

If you are looking to buy a second hand U-Boat watch, you can do so by placing an order, and if you are looking to sell your U-Boat watch, you can contact our team and discuss the possibility of a sale.


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